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4395Positive Thought Based Living (Part 3)

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  • cpkumar
    12 Aug

      Yesterday we learnt how I the being am in yoga with my mind, body, people and nature. Yoga is not about few minutes or hours. It is in our every action. 

      Let us now explore the fundamental steps to follow, so we can lead a yogic lifestyle: 

      - The first thought upon waking up can be of gratitude to God, and to everyone and everything that makes our life beautiful, so the day begins with pure vibrations.
      - Meditation can be done in the morning, connecting to the Supreme Power to energize ourselves and change our sanskars.
      - While breathing, experience that all toxic energy and negativity is exhaled and positivity is inhaled, like Expectations exhaled, Acceptance inhaled; Hurt exhaled, Love inhaled.
      - When doing physical exercises, we must not think about any issues, else negative energy patterns and blockages get created in the body. We can create thoughts as - I am a peaceful soul. My every action is peaceful. I accept everyone. The world is beautiful. My body is my temple, healthy and clean.
      - Day can begin with reading or listening for 20 minutes, to positive information like spiritual knowledge, which forms the basis of our thoughts. Taking one thought we can create an affirmation for the day. Newspapers can be read later in the day.
      - We can take care that every thought, word and action throughout the day is divine.
      - As is the food, so is the mind. Creating thoughts of peace and love while cooking food makes it high energy, saatvik food. Tamsic food is low energy food carrying vibrations of hatred, pain and fear.
      - Before going to sleep, any issues playing on the mind need to be resolved. We can spend 10 minutes reading a positive soothing message. 

      Besides physical and social health, we must pay attention to spiritual and emotional health. Yoga has the power to create happiness, health, harmony and heaven on earth. 

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