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Dr Tony Storey and Professor Wenfei Fan awarded Lovelace Medal and Needhan Award

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  • Dr D.C.Misra
    According to a report*, Dr Tony Storey and Professor Wenfei Fan have been awarded the British Computer Society Lovelace Medal and Roger Needham Award
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2008
      According to a report*, Dr Tony Storey and Professor Wenfei Fan have
      been awarded the British Computer Society Lovelace Medal and Roger
      Needham Award respectively. Check the details at

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      Dr D.C.Misra

      April 21, 2008

      *Dr Tony Storey and Professor Wenfei Fan have been awarded the British
      Computer Society Lovelace Medal and Roger Needham Award respectively.
      Between them, the two internationally renowned figures represent the
      world's leading authorities on mission critical computing and open
      standards, and database research.

      The Lovelace Medal and Roger Needham Award are presented annually by the
      BCS in recognition of contributions made by individuals to the
      development of IT.

      Dr Tony Storey has been given the award in recognition of his
      contribution in the advancement of information systems to mission
      critical computing. He is recognised as one of the leading UK IT
      industry role models and has architected and guided development of
      software that underpins much of the global economy.

      Dr Storey's work at IBM's UK Labs has led to the transformation and
      revitalisation of CICS, the invention of MQSeries and extensions of Java
      for use in the server environment. He has championed major national UK
      e-Science initiatives and has encouraged IBM to embrace open software
      standards, bringing together Web Services and GRID computing
      technologies to deliver open mission critical computing.

      Commenting on Dr Storey's achievements, David Clarke, BCS chief
      executive says: "I am delighted that the BCS is able to recognise Dr
      Storey with this prestigious award. The contribution he has made to the
      UK's standing in IT is exceptional. He is a worldwide authority on
      high-availability, continuous operations and fault tolerant computing
      and his GRID computing collaboration with UK academia has shaped
      industry thinking on the middleware infrastructure needed for commercial
      GRID exploitation. Tony's influence on open standards continues with Web
      Services, so shaping the future evolution of the IT industry. A truly
      deserved recipient of the Lovelace Medal."

      The Roger Needham Award, sponsored by Microsoft Research Cambridge, is
      presented to Professor Wenfei Fan who is universally recognised to be a
      world leading researcher in both theory and practice of databases.

      The general goal of Professor Fan's work has been to bring the
      efficiency and functionality of databases, which has been built up over
      the past 30 years and has solid theoretical foundations, to bear on data
      on the web. In the past a few years his research has contributed to the
      UK's standing in this area, and in particular, to the UK's worldwide
      lead in the studies of integrity constraints for XML, XML publishing,
      and data quality. His work has resulted in not only a number of
      fundamental results, but also several practical developments including
      schema-directed XML publishing techniques, XML access control solutions,
      and a method of data cleaning based on conditional dependencies, a form
      of dependencies that Professor Fan invented for this purpose.

      Dr Andrew Herbert, Managing Director of Microsoft Research Cambridge
      says: "Professor Fan's work is truly advancing the state of the art in
      database theory and practice. The purpose of the Roger Needham award is
      to recognize and support talented researchers such as Professor Fan,
      whose work is an example of the academic significance and technical
      impact of UK based-researchers and institutions."

      The BCS Lovelace Medal was established in 1998 in honour of Lady Augusta
      Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace and daughter of Lord Byron. She was the
      assistant and patron of Charles Babbage and wrote programs for his
      "Analytical Engine", now recognised as the first computer program.

      The Medal is presented annually to individuals who, in the opinion of
      BCS, have made a significant contribution to the advancement of
      Information Systems.

      As winner, Dr Storey will be invited to give the BCS Lovelace Lecture in

      The Roger Needham award, part of the British Computer Society's remit to
      encourage and recognise personal endeavour in computer science, is
      sponsored by Microsoft Research Cambridge and established in memory of
      Microsoft's first director of research outside the US. It is awarded for
      a distinguished research contribution in computer science by a UK based
      researcher within ten years of their PhD. It offers a £5000 prize
      together with an opportunity to give a public lecture on their work at
      the Royal Society.

      As winner, Professor Fan will be invited to give the Roger Needham
      Lecture in November 2008.

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