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DIVINE MESSAGE - 21.09.17 Ask nothing; want nothing in return. Give what you have to give; it will come back to you – but do not think of that now. It will
    Vijay Anant
    6:27 pm
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    DIVINE MESSAGE - 19.09.17

    DIVINE MESSAGE - 19.09.17 By adopting the real principles of knowledge of Oneness every soul can free himself from the selfish intellect and can absorb himself
      Vijay Anant
      19 Sep
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      DIVINE MESSAGE - 18.09.17

      DIVINE MESSAGE - 18.09.17 The divine man enjoys everything, but is not bound by anything. He appreciates the use of the objects in God’s creation, but when
        Vijay Anant
        18 Sep
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        Love brings you to life, ego takes you to death

        A gentleman who was in bed after having a paralysis attack called up everyone in his family one day. He asked everyone, can anyone tell me what did I do to
        C. P. Kumar
        17 Sep

        DIVINE MESSAGE - 15.09.17

        DIVINE MESSAGE - 15.09.17 Happy are they who, when alone with night, feel so well-tuned, so still, so infinite as night. Whose hands do not itch with mischief
          Vijay Anant
          15 Sep
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          DIVINE MESSAGE - 14.09.17

          DIVINE MESSAGE - 14.09.17 Suffer not the barren-handed to take part in your transactions, who would sell their words for your labour. And before you leave the
            Vijay Anant
            14 Sep
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            Be kind in what you speak, do and think

            One gentleman, who used to be very angry almost always asked that how can I be peaceful? It’s simple, you need to be peaceful. Even he wanted to be peaceful
            C. P. Kumar
            13 Sep

            DIVINE MESSAGE - 13.09.17

            DIVINE MESSAGE - 13.09.17 My impatient love overflows in streams, down towards sunrise and sunset. Out of silent mountains and storms of affliction, rushes my
              Vijay Anant
              13 Sep
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              What others think of you

              Neither what others think of you or what you think of others is your job One gentleman was in huge depression. He had huge losses in business and he had to
              C. P. Kumar
              12 Sep

              DIVINE MESSAGE - 12.09.17

              DIVINE MESSAGE - 12.09.17 Never complain against surroundings and environments. Do not try to run away from bad, unfavourable environments. Try to live
                Vijay Anant
                12 Sep
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                God descends in love

                Sometime back, I went to a child care centre. It was a kind of an orphanage. Also, a child care centre as if any agency was unable to care of for any child or
                C. P. Kumar
                11 Sep

                DIVINE MESSAGE - 11.09.17

                DIVINE MESSAGE - 11.09.17 Your happiness is your success, so let no one take your happiness away from you. Protect yourself from those who try to make you
                  Vijay Anant
                  11 Sep
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                  Always being grateful for today

                  Woke up with a bad body ache. Was working till late and whole day did not get two minutes to rest. Got very little time to sleep. Being a mother of twin
                  C. P. Kumar
                  10 Sep

                  May your day is filled with peace and love today

                  One lady called up who was dealing with many issues in her life. After discussing everything, I asked her, what kind of day you would like to have and she said
                  C. P. Kumar
                  9 Sep

                  Resentment creates lack

                  Any resentment about money or people with money or power people of money will only create lack. Few statements we all can relate with. 1. Money is bad. How
                  C. P. Kumar
                  8 Sep
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