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10067What is trying to break will make you strong

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  • C. P. Kumar
    19 Apr
      Met an iron lady. Why iron? Because she was made up of steel. We all receive share of life in various forms at various times. But for some the challenges are bigger and they are always there. One challenge would end and another would be knocking at her door. So many times she would want to break and sit on the ground and pray for strength and next moment she would get up and say, let's see how can I face it better. She grew up in a financially challenged family where she had to work to support her studies. Her parents died at young age and after that she did not even have a home to live. She took shelter in a church and got married eventually. After one year she had a a child and her husband was having an affair. Finally she got divorced. Things did not end there, now she was with no job and no money but with a child. Someone, helped her in getting a job in the school but then she found out her child had a heart problem and she had to take care of his medical expenses. 

      Her struggles were never ending and she was fighting it hard. When she met me, she told me, whatever is trying to break me, is making me stronger everyday. What's the purpose of making me so strong I do not know. She said that she just cannot believe that it's all karmic journey because she knows she does not hurt people and in any life, she would not have done so much bad to receive a life like this. So there has to be a reason for her to become so strong in life. But yes, I would never break and everytime, I would keep standing up with more strength. I won't blame God or life, I would ask him to be by my side and support me. I would ask him to give me more strength. 

      Her faith, her determination made me feel like bowing in front of her. 

      Diamonds are made under pressure and she was truly becoming a diamond ready to shine and spread her light. A diamond is the strongest element and this is what she was becoming.

      Often we get to complaining, blaming but that never solves problems. What solves any situation is our attitude to handle it and solve it with grace. 

      Sheetal Jain
      Life Coach and Author 

      Sheetal Jain provides one free telephonic consultation every Sunday (on first come first served basis). You may contact her at email address tosheetal@...
      Sheetal Jain - Life Coach and Author
      Sheetal Jain - Life Coach and Author
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