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Hydrological forecasting sessions at the EGU General Assembly in Vienna 2010

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  • Jan Szolgay
    Dear Colleagues, With apologies for any cross-posting, we would like to draw your attention to the EGU General Assembly to be held in Vienna, Austria, 2 - 7
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2010
      Dear Colleagues,

      With apologies for any cross-posting, we would like to draw your attention
      to the EGU General Assembly to be held in Vienna, Austria, 2 - 7 May 2010
      and particularly to the sessions focused on hydrological forecasting (for
      detailed info please visit http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2010/).

      The Subdivision on Hydrological Forecasting of the Hydrological Sciences
      Division of EGU organizes five sessions during this event, namely:


      Flash floods: Observations, modelling, forecasting and impacts

      Conveners: Marco Borga, Colin Price, Co-Conveners: Jan Szolgay, Rolf
      Weingartner, Giuseppe T. Aronica, Günter Blöschl

      Session details: http://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU2010/session/2042


      Hydrological forecasting systems: Models and methods in operational

      Convener: Gabor Balint, Co-Conveners: Jan Szolgay, Günter Blöschl, Michael

      Jan Danhelka, Vadim Kuzmin

      Session details: http://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU2010/session/2043


      Uncertainty, data assimilation and decision-making in hydrological

      Convener: Robert J. Moore, Co-Conveners: Henrik Madsen, Ezio Todini

      Session details: http://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU2010/session/2044


      Towards practical applications in ensemble hydro-meteorological forecasting

      Convener: Yi He, Co-Conveners: Florian Pappenberger, Albrecht Weerts, Jutta
      Thielen-del Pozo, Michael Bruen, Maria-Helena Ramos

      Session details: http://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU2010/session/2045


      Hydrological monitoring and forecasting of water scarcity conditions

      Convener: Elena Toth, Co-Conveners: Athanasios Loukas, Giuseppe T. Aronica

      Session details: http://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU2010/session/2046

      If interested in one (or more) of these sessions, please submit your
      abstract(s) before 18 January via:


      Kind regards,

      Jan Szolgay and members of the Hydrological Forecasting Subdivision of EGU

      prof. Ing. Ján Szolgay, PhD. Jan Szolgay

      vedúci katedry Professor of
      Hydrology and Water Resources Management

      Katedra vodného hospodárstva krajiny Department of Land and
      Water Resources Management

      Stavebná fakulta, Slovenská technická univerzita Faculty of Civil
      Engineering, Slovak University of Technology

      Radlinskeho 11, 813 68 Bratislava Radlinskeho 11, SK
      813 68 Bratislava, Slovakia
      Tel: 02 59 27 44 98 Tel: + 421 2 59
      27 44 98
      Fax: 02 52 92 35 75 Fax: + 421 2 52
      92 35 75
      E-mail: <mailto:jan.szolgay@...> jan.szolgay@...
      E-mail: jan.szolgay@...

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