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Moped Sales Rise; Making Comeback

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    Moped Sales Rise; Making Comeback Within. World s Largest Two Wheeler Company. 100 CC to 220 CC Bikes. Mopeds which were once found mostly on rural side are
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2011

      Moped Sales Rise; Making Comeback

      Within. World's Largest Two Wheeler Company. 100 CC to 220 CC Bikes.
      Mopeds which were once found mostly on rural side are slowly making a comeback. There is a clear indication of Indian two wheeler buyers preferring to buy mopeds. While 54,702 mopeds were built in May last year, this year figure is an impressive 70,001. Mopeds are no longer just commuter vehicles. They are being used extensively used as light load carrying vehicles in towns and villages.

      According to data from the Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers, moped sales were the highest ever in May 2011. Several companies had written off the moped but these sales reports indicate the resurgence of the moped. The trade body is expecting sales to increase at a rate of 12 to 14 per cent.

      Several analysts are comparing the increase in moped sales to the increased scooter sales in the 90s. When the scooter sector was thought to be dead, the arrival of gearless scooters changed the scene completely. Now all major two-wheeler makers are building scooters.

      Auto analysts are of the opinion that the revival of the moped can be sustained only if new innovations are introduced. TVS is the only moped manufacturer to continue to build mopeds. With no visible competition, TVS has not been forced to innovate and build new types of mopeds.

      Two wheeler makers are hesitant to enter the moped segment due to the high investments needed to be made. Moped sales are still fractional compared to scooter and bike sales. TVS with its long standing assembly line has bee able to churn out inexpensive mopeds. It might not be the same with other manufacturers.


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      Nishit Mehta,

      E bike Zone







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