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1875Greatest d anger from China - ‘ not border dispute, but threat to democr acy’

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  • Anil Kumar Dhir
    Jun 29, 2014
      A thought , not very pleasant!

      > Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2014 02:29:33 -0400
      > Subject: Greatest danger from China - ‘not border dispute, but threat to democracy’
      > From:
      > To:
      > Dear Veteran
      > Greetings
      > Sub:- [(i)- Border dispute is not greatest danger from China (ii)-
      > China longing to see the end of democracy in India (iii)- Indians can
      > no more take democracy for granted (iv)- India not in a position to
      > try another government (v)- If NDA fails, 2014 may be the last
      > Parliamentary elections
      > Dear Sir
      > India on Saturday reacted sharply to a new Chinese map that shows
      > Arunachal Pradesh and parts of Ladakh In J&K, as part of China. It is
      > a traditional and meaningless response from India because, as I
      > suggested in my earlier letter that - “[ Unlike political dispute with
      > Pakistan, the dispute with China is legal and which is not a rocket
      > science to understand and resolve. India should ask china to
      > constitute a Judicial Commission in which India and China both should
      > nominate (say) 15 experts each of international law especially related
      > to border disputes under the chairmanship of UN General Secretary or
      > any judicial authority on international law, acceptable to both India
      > and China]”. But India is neither trying to resolve Indo-China border
      > dispute nor to understand the real threat which China poses to India
      > as explained below:-
      > (1)- China not only has the potential of finishing democracy from
      > India but also has a dire need to do it, as explained:-
      > (i)- I live in Rajasthan too (my native State) and in May 2008 during
      > Gujjar agitation under the leadership of Veteran Colonel Baisla for
      > reservation ( which had already claimed the lives of ~ 70 Gujjars by
      > that time), thousands of Gujjar had stopped most important Delhi -
      > Mumbai railway route for ~ 3 weeks by sitting on railway track at
      > Pilupura (about ~ 30 K.M. from our house at Sri Mahavirji District
      > Karauli). Then came a news / rumor that Naxalites were camping in
      > Morena (M.P.) - Dholpur (Rajasthan) Chambal ravines and had sent a
      > message to agitating Gujjars (who were supported by Gujjars from
      > North, West and Central India too, by sending Gujjar Leaders from
      > these parts of India in this agitation) that Gujjars could join hands
      > with them, and Naxalites would ensure that justice is done to Gujjars
      > and to all. It created almost a panic and heightened debate amidst
      > people, administration and political class especially due to the fact
      > that Rajasthan has longest border with Pakistan and Naxalites
      > entrenched in these new territory of India with the support of Gujjars
      > and others, would have changed the entire economic, political and
      > strategic landscape of India. May be due to other reasons, some
      > meaningless compromise took place between Government and agitating
      > Gujjars and agitation was called-off immediately.
      > But the main point is that if aggrieved people especially across India
      > [which will be the case if NDA government led by PM Modi fails to
      > remove huge unemployment / underemployment (~ 50 % ) from India and
      > which is destroying the lives especially of youth], then these
      > aggrieved majority of Indians makes a deadly mix if they join hands
      > with Naxalites (who have ideological and other affinity and links with
      > China and have presence in ~ one third of India).
      > (ii)- China which has already become world power No 1 according to
      > GDP ( in PPP terms), is bound to attract more enemies than friends
      > especially from powerful Western world (USA & its European Allies).
      > With its economic power China can develop even cutting edge science &
      > technology to equal the West. But democracy is one thing which keeps
      > China at great disadvantage. But out of four major human blocks
      > (Christian, Muslims, Chinese and Hindus), only Christians have stable
      > democracy. Muslims still have uneasy relation with democracy
      > (especially after failed ‘Arab-spring’) and if Hindu majority India
      > can be weaned away from democracy then it will give tremendous
      > political advantage to China in the interest of retaining its world
      > superpower status.
      > (2)- Indians are living under a delusion that if present NDA
      > government under PM Modi fails then Congress / UPA or 3rd or 4th Front
      > will come in power in future. But in view of above, Indians are
      > naively taking democracy for granted. Though it is too early to make
      > appraisal of PM Modi’s performance but what has happened in last one
      > month and which has already made political commentators, media etc to
      > term present government as UPA - 3, there are highly likelihood that
      > Modi’s government may prove to be beneficial for already privileged
      > class of Indians but as far as removal of unemployment (for
      > economically humble majority of Indians) is concerned Modi’s
      > government does not generate any confidence.
      > In a nutshell, if PM Modi does not change his course fundamentally in
      > the interest of providing job guarantee to every jobs seeking working
      > age adult (without which democracy has no meaning) then 2014 may prove
      > to be the last Parliamentary elections and Indian democracy would be
      > the thing of past and Indian history (thanks to China).
      > Regards
      > Hem Raj Jain
      > (Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
      > Bengaluru, India