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Sea water intrusion modeling using FEFLOW Hello everyone, I am santhiya, doing ME geomatics in Institute of Remote sensing, Anna University, chennai. I am doing project in sea water intrusion
24 Feb
Hydrological Investigations at NIH, Roorkee, India Hydrological Investigations Division National Institute of Hydrology (Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India) Roorkee – 247667 (India) National
C. P. Kumar
14 Feb
Re: FeFlow 6.0 Exercise Data! http://www.feflow.com/download.html?version=60
9 Jan
Re: PEST within FEFLOW! In FEFLOW 6.0, a graphical interface for PEST is only available in the so-called 'classic' version of the GUI, and this is based on a very old PEST version not
9 Jan
FeFlow "How to"? Dear FEFLOW Users Group members, I am a MS student and want to model the groundwater flow using FeFlow 6.0. Do anybody have "Step-by-Step" guide for using
Perl Shaw
6 Jan
PEST within FEFLOW! Hello Everyone! Is there any user manual or "how to" for the IFMs and using PEST with FeFlow? I have seen some information in white papers, but it is really
Perl Shaw
6 Jan
FeFlow 6.0 Exercise Data! Hi Everybody, Can we download FeFlow 6.0 Excercise Data (that is used in it's Manual) from internet? Can anybody let me know it's URL address? Thanks in
Perl Shaw
Dec 28, 2013
flow rate in Feflow 6.0 Good morning, My problem is very simple but actually I can't find the solution. I need to calculate the flow rate of a model through a specific section. I saw
Jul 26, 2013
A question about Kd Good morning, I've got a question about the coefficient of distribution kd. I would like to now if defining a kd value and a starting concentration of a
Jul 15, 2013
Decline in simulation results Dear FEFLOW users, Greetings! Can anyone suggest what could go wrong in getting decline in contaminant concentration after 10000 days of simulation in
Dr. Dinanath
May 31, 2013
Boundary model is not consistent with the watershed Dear all, I am trying to set up FEFLOW model for a flat area with complicated river system. However the watershed is partly underlain by an aquifer (not
Dung Lam
May 28, 2013
PEST with FEFLOW Dear FEFLOW users and team members, Is there anyone who can guide me to calibrate FEFLOW model with PEST? Is any tutorial available from where I can learn the
May 21, 2013
Importing Wells File into FEFLOW Dears, I am working on FEFLOW v6.0 and I face a problem in importing wells data into the model, where I hav more than 5,000 wells distributed in the model and
May 4, 2013
Data Loading in FeFlow 5.1? Hi Everybody, I am new to FeFlow and have FeFlow 5.1. I want to prepare the Groundwater Modelling Data for 50 wells. I have already completed the Tutorial and
Apr 15, 2013
UNEDP Environmental Data Explorer Greetings to you all, UNEDP's Environmental Data Explorer is the authoritative source fordata sets used by UNEP and its partners in the Global Environment
Shaan W.
Mar 18, 2013
Re: Mesh problem Hi Mahmud ... select the K parameter, make a selection of the triangles that are inside the zone correspond to your "layer" (once again, the layer concept that
Didier Vanden Berghe
Feb 28, 2013
New FREE ArcGIS Explorer Desktop Integrated with ArcGIS Online Greetings to you all, Easier Sharing, Attribute Table Display, and New Presentation Tools Are Among Improvements.   The most recent ArcGIS Explorer Desktop
Shaan W.
Feb 28, 2013
mahmoud mostafa
Feb 27, 2013
Help Sir / Madam I am Dr. C. Prakasam, from Burdwan University, I need a help regarding books. If any one have following books kindly inform to me, I will make
prakasa sam
Feb 27, 2013
Re: Mesh problem Hi Mahmoud In 2d vertical there is no layers like in 3d, the mesh is homogeneously built inside your model limites just like in a plan view of a horizontal
Didier Vanden Berghe
Feb 27, 2013
Mesh problem I am a new FEFlow user and I have aproblem in creating a 2D vertical projection finite element mesh and divided it into a number of layers where each layer has
mahmoud mostafa
Feb 27, 2013
Help Dear Sir / Madam, I am Dr. C. Prakasam from Burdwan University Please help any one *how to calculate the rain spell and wet spell from daily rainfall data.*
prakasa sam
Feb 18, 2013
Latest Global Map of Irrigation Areas Greetings to you all,   Now, the Latest Global Map of Irrigation Areas (Ver. 4.0.1) is available as a FREE download. The map shows the amount of area equipped
Shaan W.
Feb 17, 2013
2D vertical modling Hi All,   I am a new FEFlow user and my initial step in this stage of my graduate study is to simulate a theoretical coastal unconfined aquifer in 2D vertical
mahmoud mostafa
Feb 11, 2013
problems with mass-transfer BC Good evening, i'm doing one of my first simulations with Feflow, so i apologize for the kind of question. I need to model a groundwater contamination in an
Jan 19, 2013
Re: -ve simulation results Hello D.N.- Actually, negative concentrations aren't the manifestation of numerical dispersion. Negative concentrations are the lower part of numerical
Peter Mock - pmgc
Nov 29, 2012
Re: -ve simulation results Dear Sir, Thanks for your reply. I believe sometimes -ve results are due to oscillation in computation during iteration. However, in my case results seem to be
Dr. Dinanath Yadav
Nov 29, 2012
Re: -ve simulation results Numerical dispersion...reduce time steps and/or increase spatial resolution. This is a problem that most transport models have. Check out the FEFLOW user
Pete Sinton
Nov 29, 2012
Re: -ve simulation results There is a chance this is due to numerical dispersivity, that can be reduced by reducing the triangle sizes and /or the time steps and/or adding layers . How
Didier Vanden Berghe
Nov 29, 2012
-ve simulation results Hi! Greetings for the season to all FEFLOW user members. Can some one point out simulated negative contaminant concentration at few observation points? What
Dr. Dinanath
Nov 29, 2012
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