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Do something for someone today

If you want to feel good about yourself, do something for someone else today. One girl was constantly feeling bad and she had been feeling bad for various
C. P. Kumar
17 Jan

Your power is in your positive mind

One of the biggest gifts we have is the power of our mind.One of the most unused gifts is mind.One of the most unknown gifts is mind.One of the most abused
C. P. Kumar
16 Jan

Decide what you want in life

Only you have the right to decide what you want in life. Do not give that power to someone else. She wanted to study MBA and open her own small venture and her
C. P. Kumar
14 Jan

Be a good listener

It is very important to be a good listener for a successful relationship. So many times, I get to hear complaints from parents or partners. They do not listen
C. P. Kumar
12 Jan

When others are bad to you, focus on maintaining your peace

We often go through many situations in life. We do come across people who are bad on face or sometimes they are not bad on face but bad from inside. WE know
C. P. Kumar
11 Jan

Remember who you are

Two brothers were fighting for business and property share. One brother was feeling very bad that he is also playing all the bed tricks to get more. Finally,
C. P. Kumar
10 Jan

Generally people are in more pain when they are more angry. They nee

Her husband was screaming and screaming. She was crying badly that what bad she had done to attract that kind of anger. Finally after 2-3 days when it settled,
C. P. Kumar
9 Jan

Be patient with people

She was shouting at her maid everyday for not cleaning the utensils properly. She wanted a perfectly cleaned dishes and she was feeling mad that everything she
C. P. Kumar
8 Jan

Write and see your goals

Does not matter how unachievable your goals are, write them and see them, have courage to bring them out of you and Universe will bring them for you. So many
C. P. Kumar
4 Jan

Am I kind ?

Am I kind is the only check point we need before any action or word. She grew up like an orphan. Her parents died and she had to come and live with her
C. P. Kumar
3 Jan

Are we able to serve with love to those who have hurt us?

My friend called in. She was crying very badly as she had a fight with her husband. They were living with his parents and everyday she had to listen to one or
C. P. Kumar
2 Jan

Keep your mind healthy to keep your body healthy

At the age of 75, he climbed fifteen floors by feet without panting and I was amazed at his stamina. I asked him the secret behind his health. He started
C. P. Kumar
Dec 29, 2017

Always serve with love

One friend came over. She was in great need of money. She is a skilled food maker. I asked her, this is what you are best at, so do it. may be start from small
C. P. Kumar
Dec 28, 2017

The base of life must be gratitude

I do not know if I can write enough about gratitude. Our lives must start from gratitude. Everyday must start with gratitude and must end with gratitude.
C. P. Kumar
Dec 26, 2017


As much as Christmas is a season of joy and excitement, it is also a time for radiating love and forgiveness. Why is it so difficult for us to forgive others?
C. P. Kumar
Dec 24, 2017
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