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Nothing is as big as it appears

Few years back I did a workshop in which I did few daring exercises. Why daring, because I had to gather all my guts to do them. I always remember learning
C. P. Kumar
7:11 pm

Prayer, love, forgiveness and gratitude

If food is eaten everyday then prayer, love, forgiveness and gratitude are also to be done everyday. One gentleman called up and said that he wanted to stay
C. P. Kumar
13 Aug

Let the peace prevail

May the peace prevails in everything you do, in every thought and in all your relationships. One lady who was working at a very senior position was going
C. P. Kumar
12 Aug

Choose the blessing you want today

I had a dream and I felt God is saying, what do you want today and I actually felt like nothing. Then I felt if I do not know what do i want today, how would I
C. P. Kumar
11 Aug

Contended heart

A jealous heart creates further lack. A contended heart creates further abundance. Two sisters got married in same family with two brothers. They came from a
C. P. Kumar
10 Aug

Challenging life

Does not matter how challenging the life is, what matters is you are still trying. May everyone is blessed with lots of healing and love today. One lady called
C. P. Kumar
5 Aug

God is guiding us through love to him

One gentleman asked the difference between God and love and the answer is, there is no difference. Still he wanted to understand. So the difference between God
C. P. Kumar
2 Aug

Stay strong and kind

If you stay strong and kind, you will sail through everything. Two people contacted last month, where I saw the beauty of life. One lady whose husband was not
C. P. Kumar
1 Aug


Seeking forgiveness and giving forgiveness, both need strength. Have that. Two strange cases came few days back. One was about seeking forgiveness and one was
C. P. Kumar
31 Jul

Nothing is forced upon you

Nothing is forced upon you. If you do not like it, do not accept it. There were two brothers. The elder one always tried taking permission and if he did not
C. P. Kumar
30 Jul

Your Karma is supreme

A gentleman asked what is more important, Karma or mind. As per me, it is Karma. Earth is a land of Karma and we all have to do our Karma. Without that, we
C. P. Kumar
29 Jul

We need love to bring the change

We need love to bring the change. Fear can control but not change. Two brothers had own businesses. One had laborer problems and other did not have. The second
C. P. Kumar
27 Jul

A happy mind is a door to all good things

One businessman, who had recently had incurred huge losses said that, I want to relax and be peaceful. I can take care of every problem if I am peaceful and
C. P. Kumar
26 Jul


There is no other purpose than Karma. Never try to avoid your Karma. One 30 years old lady joined an office and told her boss that she will support him in
C. P. Kumar
22 Jul

Think good and do good

We will always grow and have a better life if we keep thinking good and doing good. One family contacted as they wanted help on their falling family situation
C. P. Kumar
21 Jul
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