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To be in hearts, the only thing we need to do is to be kind

One gentleman asked a world famous question.. I want everyone to like me how can it be possible?If I am always worried about what others are thinking of me,
C. P. Kumar
25 Jun

Learn to have good intentions for everyone and everything

One young guy who was newly married was feeling stuck between his mother and wife. Sometimes if I think like a wife, I feel mad but if I think for a man, I
C. P. Kumar
24 Jun

Work on your dreams rather than working on past

There was a girl who achieved all her goals. It was so beautiful to meet her. She was full of happiness and smiles. She emitted peace. IT was not about big
C. P. Kumar
23 Jun

What gives you peace, shows you the way

Instead of talking big, following the path and all, let's talk about something from ground which we need everyday. Often I come across a question that how
C. P. Kumar
23 Jun

Our beauty is not in how we are seen but how we see things

One girl was getting ready as one prospective groom was coming to meet her. She wanted to look her best. Since childhood she had heard that she was one of the
C. P. Kumar
21 Jun

Travel the journey within

God is in me, in everyone and everything. I am in God, in everyone and everything. One 23 years old boy said I have seen God and it raised everyone's eyes. He
C. P. Kumar
17 Jun

Do right things

You have to do right things to live a right life. You cannot expect otherwise! A gentleman did lots of frauds in his business. He earned a lot and he lost a
C. P. Kumar
16 Jun

When you find love within, you find yourself

I was watching my 1.5 years old girl and I felt God himself was in front of me. So loving and caring. No fear! She came and climbed over me, hugged me and
C. P. Kumar
15 Jun

Learn from mistakes

No point in being guilty. If you have realized your mistake, learn from it and move on! A little seven years old girl was feeling very sad after she had
C. P. Kumar
14 Jun

Gift of love from heaven

We all have a gift of love from heaven. Just delivered! It was raining and it was so beautiful after a hot summer day. Everything looked pristine. All the
C. P. Kumar
12 Jun

Keep working on your life everyday

Keep working on your life everyday! Don't sit and complain, how many times! One gentleman came to visit, who happened to be very sad. four years back, he had
C. P. Kumar
10 Jun

I can never thank him enough

Yesterday came a friend, who had taken special time to meet as she wanted to talk about something. First she was crying that her husband's business was not
C. P. Kumar
9 Jun

Think good of yourself

We do not think good of ourselves, that's why we expect that from others. That's funny! A gentleman who has been on depression and anxiety medicines shared his
C. P. Kumar
8 Jun

He is always listening

He is always listening even when we are not speaking. Otherwise we can never be loud enough to reach him. There was a girl crying badly that God has stopped
C. P. Kumar
7 Jun

Good Karma

Not doing bad Karma doesn't mean you are doing good ones. Start doing good one's now! One gentleman who had spent his most of the life in doing bad things,
C. P. Kumar
6 Jun
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