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1517Reiki Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • cpkumar
    19 Apr

      • The Reiki Symbols are tools to help direct energy. Can I attune myself again, if so what happens?

      o You can always re–attune yourself at any level or go through all the Initiations again. It is suggested to look at yourself in mirror as you do each Initiation as this seems to enhance the effect.

      o Re–attunement is connecting back to the divine intelligence and asking for the frequencies to be re–attuned onto you. It adds to and improves your connection to the Reiki energies.

      o You don’t need to re–attune your self to any levels as you are already a Master of Reiki and Seichim but it is OK to say re–attune your self to Reiki LEVEL—I again to experience\Master the Initiation stages as you may want to “practice” before training others into Reiki.

      o Again all it does is enhance and clarify the Reiki energies you receive; you don’t loose your Master LEVEL—Initiations, regardless of what re–attunements you are doing, as they are there for Life!

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