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1518Reiki Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • cpkumar
    20 Apr

      • Can I pass all the attunements onto someone in one session?

      o Some Reiki teachers state that the different initiations Reiki I, II and Master level should be given over a period of time, I have never felt this is the case. You have received all your Initiations in one session. Awareness of attunement is not required, permission is though.

      o The teacher allows your aura to receive the Reiki frequencies at whatever level he\she is attuning you to.

      o As regards Initiation, different Reiki handbooks give a variety of views. If the Subject is present, it is suggested to separate each initiation by one week so that he\she can look forward to each sitting. However, as stated, you can initiate in one session.

      o Importantly, don’t rush any initiation. Also, the experience can be enhanced by asking the initiate\subject – once seated and with their eyes closed, to place their feet on a small “warm” sand sack.

      o A feeling of deep warmth\cold may occur in your hands as you are attuning other initiates\subjects – this is completely safe and each person reacts slightly differently to the attunement into the healing frequency.

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