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1572What is the Chakra System?

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  • cpkumar
    9 Aug

      ♥ Chakra is the Sanskrit meaning for "wheel" – Chakra’s are described as being shaped like multicolored lotus petals or spooked wheels which whirl at various speeds as they process energy.

      ♥ They are described in Hindu and Buddhist yogic literature.

      ♥ Both systems describe them differently, and their descriptions vary in Western literature as well.

      ♥ Different groups mention the spinning of the wheels being clockwise or anti–clock wise for each Chakra depending upon whether you are male or female.

      ♥ Envisage the associated Chakra as a spinning wheel\ball of color spinning clockwise (looking from any direction – otherwise it really gets too confusing – as remember its always the “INTENT” that counts not too much the very specific details!!).

      ♥ Some clairvoyants actually state that health disturbances often manifest in the aura, and thus in the chakra’s, months and sometimes years before they appear in the physical body