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1573What Is Aura?

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  • cpkumar
    10 Aug

      The aura is the energy field that surrounds all people and objects. Each color represents a different aspect of that person or object (at that specific point in time).

      The process of actually reading someone’s aura can be useful in determining there current emotional state or physical state in regards to potential blockages they may have in one of their aura layers.

      With Auras we simply have not been shown\taught how to see them but with a little practice many people can successfully see and read them.

      There are many ways how this can be done but a simple one I have used is to do the following:

      1) Place a chair looking at a solid wall with objects in front of it, say this could be a fireplace in your house etc.

      2) Sit comfortably on a chair with your hands on your legs

      3) Staying still and relaxing – close your eyes concentrating on your breath. This is simply quieting your mind to move into a state of consciousness known as the “Alpha” state (this is where spiritual work, healings and manifestations work from).

      4) After a couple of minutes then simply open your eyes and focus on any object in front of you. At this stage you are NOT staring intensely but more of a lazy\relaxed stare – after one or two minutes you may start to see that the object starts to emanate\display color characteristics around its borders, this is the aura.

      5) This “aura” seeing can usually be done in one sitting don’t try and force yourself to see the aura you have to be relaxed. After more repetitions of the above over a few weeks you can master seeing auras and then you may be able to tap into seeing auras in normal states (i.e. The Beta state – normal state of daily activities).