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Re: Celebrating Jaidev.. at tarana..

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  • tavaishnav
    ... this epochal ... kinare . I have yet ... that I have heard ... Desert Island ... Thanks a lot for these songs. For me also, Kinare Kinare s desert island
    Message 1 of 61 , Dec 1, 2003
      --- In sangeet_ke_sitare@..., "Sathya" <imsathya@y...>
      > Comrades,
      > After a loooong hiatus, me makes a re-appearence here. And to mark
      this epochal
      > moment, here are three treasure songs from the wondrous "Kinare
      kinare". I have yet
      > to lay my hands on ALL the songs from this soundtrack - but the few
      that I have heard
      > are enough to convince me that this is close to being one of those
      Desert Island
      > soundtracks. Jaidev simply blows you away !!

      Thanks a lot for these songs. For me also, Kinare Kinare's desert
      island quality has been a recent discovery.

      What an incredible soundtrack in terms of male singers! One solo
      each by Talat, Manna, Mukesh and Rafi (and each a gem, doubtless). My
      favourite definitely is Mukesh's 'Jab gham-e-ishq sataataa hai to
      hans leta huuN', a song tailor-made for Mukesh. The bitterness of
      mood and the irony in 'hans letaa huuN' is reflected superbly in Nyay
      Sharma's lyrics.

    • Kaustubh
      Kishore - Kishore ritusks wrote:--- In sangeet_ke_sitare@yahoogroups.co.in, priya ... like ... Touche`!! :)) Waise, on a
      Message 61 of 61 , Dec 6, 2003
        Kishore - Kishore

        ritusks <ritusks@...> wrote:
        --- In sangeet_ke_sitare@..., "priya" <priya@i...>
        > >I agree.. infact even Lata cannot do this like Asha!!! This was
        > Asha's song all the way. Infact I dread to think what Lata would
        > have done to this song... make it sound like a bhajan :) (just
        > Asha makes a bhajan sound like a caberet ;))
        > So U like the Jaidev cabarets, eh? GRIN :)))))

        Touche`!! :))

        Waise, on a serious note I think Asha somehow is too tied down to
        her harkats and embellishments that she can't give a rendition
        without them. For me the way Asha sings takes the purity and
        spirituality out of the bhajan. A prime example is the fast version
        of 'Mujhko bhi radha banale'. It is over embellished and too
        coquettish for my liking. Infact all those Jaidev songs are
        exquisite, but I just think of them as nice classical/love songs.
        Some people are just not cut for bhajans. Asha is one of them. Waise
        P Dear if it is a consolation to you I think Old Man is worse at
        Bhajans than even Asha :). When he sings 'Pee le pee le, pee le pee
        le' that last thing that comes to your mind is that it's the 'hari
        naam ka pyaala' he's talking about ;)

        By and large I prefer Bhajans from non-film singers. In the film
        singers Mukesh has some lovely bhajans and so are the few bhajans
        Rafi sang for Khaiyyam (Pao padun tore shyam). There is a pristine
        beauty in Rafi's rendition. He had a good hold over bhajans. Lata
        ofcourse is the empress of the genre, but her 'Chala vahi des' has
        limited appeal for me. Saigal and Panjak Mullick have some great
        bhajans ('Madhukar shyam hamare chor' & 'Tere mandir ka hoon
        deepak'). Kishore does not seem to have any significant bhajan to
        his credit (quite surprising actually because I think he could have
        done justice to the genre)

        Geeta Dutt is another surprise of the bhajan front. With so much
        sensuality in her voice one would thnk she would occupy the seat
        next to Asha in the genre, but somehow her bhajans are on a
        different level altogether. One of my favourite bhajans 'Na mein
        dhan chahun'.

        In the rest of the gang, Talat.. can't think of any bhajans.. Does
        he have anything significant? Hemant Kumar has quite a few but
        somehow sprituality is the last thing I think of when I hear his
        voice ;). Manna Dey? Anything? or insipid as usual?

        On the non-film front, most classical musicians have done a fine job
        of the bhajan genre (By and large though, I prefer a straight
        rendition of a bhajan rather than classical one) , DV Paluskar being
        on the fore-front, however the 'bhakti bhav' that I find in Hari Om
        Sharan's voice is very compelling. His 'Maili chadar odh ke kaise'
        and 'Shri Radhe Govinda' are really good.

        > >(though I think Geeta is the most inimitable singer of the lot).
        Try singing  'Kali Ghata
        > chaaye'.. and you know what I mean :)
        > GRRRR that is Asha's song however much in the Geeta mode it may be-
        -so Asha could imitate Geeta. ;)))))

        Nahin re... the two statements were unrelated. I think Kali Ghata
        chhaaye is out and out Asha.. even though the composition is made
        for Geeta (in the sense it leverages the richness in the singer's


        > P

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