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Analytic Element Method (AEM) Course: September, 2008

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  • Matt Tonkin
    SSP&A is excited to be able to host the following course in Bethesda, Maryland (USA) this September, 2008: Building and Applying Analytical Element Models
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 5, 2008
      SSP&A is excited to be able to host the following course in Bethesda,
      Maryland (USA) this September, 2008:

      "Building and Applying Analytical Element Models with Examples and Exercises
      using Python"

      Analytic element models are often refreshingly easy to understand, and
      insightful. The best approach to learn the analytic element method is to
      implement it in a simple computer program. This sounds daunting, but using
      the Python language, it is possible for any hydrogeologist with a basic
      understanding of the building blocks of a computer program. In this new
      course, you will build your own analytic element model, and have a great
      time doing it.

      The course is taught by Dr. Mark Bakker. Mark has taught for 10 years at
      American universities and now teaches at the Delft University of Technology
      in The Netherlands. In addition, Mark is a consultant for Kiwa WR in Holland
      and for WHPA in Bloomington, IN. Mark received his Ph.D. at the University
      of Minnesota under the guidance of Prof. Otto Strack, the originator of the
      analytic element method. Mark has written a number of analytic element
      programs, of which TimML, the free, open-source analytic element model for
      steady multi-aquifer flow is the most extensive. Mark has taught workshops
      in Python for Hydrologists and used Python in his Computational Methods
      class at the University of Georgia, where students were programming in
      Python after a basic 2 hour lecture.

      For further information on the course, please visit the following web page,
      or write to matt@... :


      Registration will be limited to 12 attendees. A block of rooms has been
      arranged at a nearby hotel for course participants - details are provided on
      the web page.

      Best wishes -

      Matt Tonkin
      S.S. Papadopulos & Assoc., Inc.
      Tel: 301 718 8900 x258
      email: matt@...
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