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A happy mind is a door to all good things

One businessman, who had recently had incurred huge losses said that, I want to relax and be peaceful. I can take care of every problem if I am peaceful and
C. P. Kumar
8:46 pm


There is no other purpose than Karma. Never try to avoid your Karma. One 30 years old lady joined an office and told her boss that she will support him in
C. P. Kumar
22 Jul

Think good and do good

We will always grow and have a better life if we keep thinking good and doing good. One family contacted as they wanted help on their falling family situation
C. P. Kumar
21 Jul

Heal your emotions

Any negative emotion is a cause of pain in your body. Heal your emotions to heal your body. One gentleman called up and said that, he had cold for one month
C. P. Kumar
20 Jul

Our heart is the window to divine

I am feeling so happy because lately so many people ask me, how to connect with God. Few years back I had always heard that it takes many- many lives to
C. P. Kumar
19 Jul

Universe hears what we feel

Universe hears what we feel. We also need to start hearing own feelings One gentleman asked, how should I connect more with the Universe? The answer is
C. P. Kumar
18 Jul

May the divine heals the root of anger in your heart today

We all have been hurt in life. Mostly its own people as we expect most from them. Sometimes its new people or sometimes its people who promise us something and
C. P. Kumar
17 Jul

Have we learned from own mistakes?

A woman was very stressed as she was going through many problems in life. Her family hardly had food to eat. Her mother asked her that it’s rare I have seen
C. P. Kumar
11 Jul

Know yourself

I cannot know myself through someone else. I need to look into me to know me. Sometime back a lady contacted and after few minutes she said, can you tell me
C. P. Kumar
10 Jul

Forgive the past and embrace the future

One of the biggest gifts we can give to ourselves is forgiving the past and embracing the future. One lady who was in severe depression after 10 years of her
C. P. Kumar
9 Jul

We are born to love

Whenever I asked or angels, why are we born and the only answer I always get is to love. And when I ask, how can someone make you happy and the answer again is
C. P. Kumar
8 Jul

Let God handle all your worries today

Few days back a 40 years old man contacted who has two small children. His wife died with a cardiac arrest and he was left alone to manage whole thing. His
C. P. Kumar
7 Jul

Knowing and Doing

If what we know and what we do, becomes one, then we all become one. Yesterday a lady called up who was discussing her dilemma. She shared that she wanted to
C. P. Kumar
6 Jul

More you accept yourself, less is the desire to fit in

A girl grew up in a small town and her mother always told her, what will others think of you, so better you behave. This very thought gave her a desire to be
C. P. Kumar
5 Jul

Oneness is born when the ego dies

I asked God, what is God? If someone says what is God, then what is the answer. He started laughing and said I am everything. But then why we do not see you in
C. P. Kumar
4 Jul
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