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Blessed are the ones, who can feel others pain and help them

A few days back, I met a gentleman, who shared his story about giving and receiving. He shared that he used to give food, money and clothes to anyone and
C. P. Kumar
7:54 pm

Love brings you to life, ego takes you to death

A gentleman who was in bed after having a paralysis attack called up everyone in his family one day. He asked everyone, can anyone tell me what did I do to
C. P. Kumar
17 Sep

Be kind in what you speak, do and think

One gentleman, who used to be very angry almost always asked that how can I be peaceful? It’s simple, you need to be peaceful. Even he wanted to be peaceful
C. P. Kumar
13 Sep

What others think of you

Neither what others think of you or what you think of others is your job One gentleman was in huge depression. He had huge losses in business and he had to
C. P. Kumar
12 Sep

God descends in love

Sometime back, I went to a child care centre. It was a kind of an orphanage. Also, a child care centre as if any agency was unable to care of for any child or
C. P. Kumar
11 Sep

Always being grateful for today

Woke up with a bad body ache. Was working till late and whole day did not get two minutes to rest. Got very little time to sleep. Being a mother of twin
C. P. Kumar
10 Sep

May your day is filled with peace and love today

One lady called up who was dealing with many issues in her life. After discussing everything, I asked her, what kind of day you would like to have and she said
C. P. Kumar
9 Sep

Resentment creates lack

Any resentment about money or people with money or power people of money will only create lack. Few statements we all can relate with. 1. Money is bad. How
C. P. Kumar
8 Sep

Healing can happen only when you surrender your ego

Met someone recently who had survived a near death experience. He shared that he was full of ego and he felt that everyone was after his money and he always
C. P. Kumar
6 Sep

The world can be changed only with love

You cannot change the world by further feeling bad for it. It can be changed only with love. Had gone to meet a friend and saw him watching news. There were
C. P. Kumar
5 Sep

See the light within and spread it around

One friend came to meet who was little upset about life. recently he had big loss in business and his family life was also not working out. He said that God is
C. P. Kumar
4 Sep

With your purest of intentions, Universe is ready to give it all to

My friend who helps people, guides people and supports them in every way like money or anything else. called up yesterday. While talking and sharing, we
C. P. Kumar
3 Sep

Work hard with a vision

A mother of twelve years old brought her son as he wanted to quit studies. He said that I want to do my own work and studies are not important. And I asked him
C. P. Kumar
1 Sep

People give what they have

People give what they have. If they are hurt, they hurt you more. If they are happy, they give you more happiness. One girl called up. She was crying badly
C. P. Kumar
29 Aug

If you want to have a happy life focus on being happy

It’s important to take inventory of life from time to time. I sat and thought if I am happy and in general I felt happy. Was there any reason may be and may
C. P. Kumar
23 Aug
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