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Ego and Surrender

If you surrender, you are one with me. If you are in ego, you are standing against me. I asked God, what do you want to say today. The first thing I heard was,
C. P. Kumar
6:29 pm

Stock love and happiness

Be careful of what you are stocking up in life. I hope it’s love and happiness. A gentleman called up, who was in depression for last fifteen years. Fifteen
C. P. Kumar
21 Nov

Practice love

If you want to heal others, practice love. If you want to heal yourself, practice love. Human body has trillions of cells. Combination of these cells,
C. P. Kumar
20 Nov

Do not let yourself go down

Does not matter what happens in life, do not let yourself go down. One of my old buddies called up. He said that since the time his mother died he has only
C. P. Kumar
19 Nov

Kind and happy world

It’s a kind world if you are one. It’s a happy world if you are one. One gentleman called up. He was crying and feeling very bad. His business partner had
C. P. Kumar
18 Nov

Every darkness can be healed only with love

My maid shared one experience. She gave birth to a premature baby some 4 years back. At that time, it was a question of his survival. So apart from what ever
C. P. Kumar
16 Nov

Loving encouragement

Tell someone today, you are doing good, you are beautiful, you are nice. Give some loving encouragement. Pass it on! A gentleman called up. He was going
C. P. Kumar
14 Nov

Kindness is the language of hearts

There was a furious dog on the street, injured and he was barking badly. people were watching but scared to goto him. One gentleman appeared, he said in a loud
C. P. Kumar
13 Nov

Life is beautiful

Take a break and see the life around you. Its beautiful. There were guests at home, they also had kids, then my kids, so everyone was busy talking and playing.
C. P. Kumar
11 Nov

Choose your words with love

Your words can make or break someone’s day and life. Two calls back to back came where the person was broken because someone else had said many bad things to
C. P. Kumar
10 Nov

Feel the gratitude of every moment you are living

Someone said that, I have nothing to be grateful for. I have lost everything and I am suffering so much. Made me wonder, first of all we need to receive
C. P. Kumar
9 Nov

Only way to be happy is to live with love

These days Universe is showering me with love from all the directions. Everyday, I am receiving love from the Universe in various forms. First of all every
C. P. Kumar
6 Nov

You can find happiness by giving it to others

Met a young lady sitting in the park smiling. Her smile was irresistible. I felt a force was pulling me towards her. So I walked towards her and asked her if I
C. P. Kumar
4 Nov

Clean vessel of life

We can never be happy by holding onto the things which are making us sad. One gentleman who had a bad marriage said that he wanted to take revenge on his ex
C. P. Kumar
3 Nov

Accept money with open heart with love

If you want money, accept it with open heart, open arms with love. Tell yourself that i allow myself to receive all the abundance with love and grace. Few days
C. P. Kumar
2 Nov
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