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1280Forgive the past and embrace the future

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  • C. P. Kumar
    9 Jul
      One of the biggest gifts we can give to ourselves is forgiving the past and embracing the future.

      One lady who was in severe depression after 10 years of her divorce wanted to do something about her life. All the friends had left her and if she was making new ones, they were leaving her. She asked one of her friends that why is that everyone is leaving me? I am unable to find any friend? Am I so bad as a person? Her friend said, "You are a good human being but you are stuck in past and you want everyone else to be stuck in past too. We are ready to hear what bad has happened to you but how many times we can hear you cursing someone or talking bad about someone. We all have enough problems, we want to support you but you do not want to be supported. You just want to sit and talk about how things have been bad to you". This came quite as a shocker to her and she started crying. While crying, she asked to help her. 

      Her friend told her that, it's ok it has happened and we are sorry for that. Things happen to all of us but may be at different times in different ways. But the best gift we can give to ourselves is by forgiving the past and welcoming the future. In last ten years, how many times have you thought about what you want for your future? You have already lost a good age. It's not necessary to get married again but the age in which we have maximum strength to do something, you have already lost that. Still it's never too late. make some plans for future and start working towards that. Regarding past, you have done enough bad to him too. You made sure that every girl he met, you spoke bad about him to them. Now, forgive him, forgive yourself and forgive your past. 

      She realized what she was doing with her life. She worked on forgiving herself and everything else. She also realized that does not matter how hard she tries, she can never change one detail about past. "What if" can never be answered. She started working on, planning, thinking on how she can make her life better. This time when she reconnected with her friends, they found a new life in her rather than someone dragging the dead body of past. Everyone wanted to be with the new girl. 

      Are we ready for the change? Are we ready for the future?

      Sheetal Jain
      Life Coach and Author 

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      Sheetal Jain - Life Coach and Author
      Sheetal Jain - Life Coach and Author
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