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  • Ravi
    Mar 12, 2008
      Hey Arun,

      That's a great idea. Count me in - would love to help out with the
      arrangements / logistics.

      I am from Bangalore. If it is ok with folks, we can meet at Koshy's any
      sunday afternoon.

      What say?


      On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 4:23 PM, <arun.pkumar@...> wrote:

      > I too agree with this idea. Here is how I see this being organized:
      > First we need to identify the place where the members can meet. Since it
      > involves a lot of preparations, I would suggest a place from where there
      > are quite a few active members. For that, we need to know the city where
      > the maximum numbers of people are active. I went through the contacts
      > list and it lists only 10 names. The location of other members is not
      > known. Since I saw 3 names from Bangalore and since the Bangalore
      > members already attempted to meet once, I would suggest Bangalore to be
      > the base for the first official meet of the Sherlockian society and I'm
      > taking Bangalore as the example in the next paragraph.
      > How to go about it: Few members - say 3 or 4 of them from Bangalore meet
      > one fine day and discuss as to how they can go about arranging the mega
      > event. First on the agenda would be the date - preferably 3 months down
      > the line(on a Saturday or a Sunday) so that anybody who is interested in
      > attending the event can block the date and prepare themselves by
      > undertaking the necessary reservations. Then, the location (along with
      > the logistics) where the meeting is gone be held needs to be decided.
      > Next item would be to come up with a schedule that would be followed on
      > the d-day (which can be collected on the group as well) - as to how we
      > are gone spend the day (or half day) when the members from different
      > parts of the country converge. Next on the agenda to discuss would be to
      > come up with plans for arranging food & beverages for the day. Once
      > these details have been finalized, the date for the event will be
      > announced to the group and all the members will be asked to send a
      > confirmation mail within a stipulated date to one of the Bangalore gang
      > members. Based on the number of confirmation mails received, the
      > Bangalore gang will arrive at an estimation to cover the cost of the
      > location & other arrangements [the detailed plan as stated above can be
      > carried out at this stage as well]. Again, a mail will be sent to the
      > group members asking them to transfer the stipulated amount to 2 or 3
      > bank accounts of the members in Bangalore. This needs to be done if the
      > number of entries received turns out to be large and also to make sure
      > that we don't have a convoluted figure to deal with in the event of the
      > members just sending a confirmation mail & then not turning up. If it's
      > a very small number, the amount can be collected at the venue. Also,
      > based on the requirements, lodging facilities can be arranged to the
      > outstation members. A final Invitation mail is sent to all the members
      > who have confirmed their participation.
      > I'm from Bangalore and if the group really wants to meet, I will
      > definitely be a part of the team of 4 which will have to handle the
      > arrangements. This seems a laborious way though. Other ideas &
      > suggestions as to how we can carry this out are most welcome.
      > /Arun.
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      > Dear Anand and Holmesians.
      > I remember some time back , members in Bangalore had made a serious
      > attempt to meet. It is a good idea and definitely worth a try. Can
      > anyone step in with suggestions.
      > Sumalsn
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