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2469RE: [sherlock holmes society of india] Digest Number 955

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  • jeff katz
    Mar 28, 2008
      Hello Johnny,

      George Newnes Ltd was the publisher of the Strand Magazine, and published the first two collections of stories, "Adventures" and "Memoirs." Mr Newnes practically invented the modern magazine, first with Tit-bits, and then with the Strand. They were inexpensive, illustrated, and contained a variety of reading suitable for the whole family. So Father would buy it at the newstand while waiting for his train, read it on his way to work, finish it on his way home, then give it to Mother; when she finished she could pass it to the children (there was usually a story for children and a puzzle page at the end of each issue). Newnes was awarded a peerage (baronet, I think) for his services to publishing.

      There have been several facsimile collections in the US and UK of the stories as they appeared in the Strand. Google for "original illustrated sherlock" and you'll find quite a few. Volumes of the actual Strand Magazine (up to about 1901) are common, later volumes are very rare.

      Good luck,


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      > 1.2. Re: Digest Number 954
      > Posted by: "Johnny Bravo" dio1988@... dio1988
      > Date: Fri Mar 28, 2008 9:30 am
      > Hi Jeff,
      > Phew ... finally that ghost is laid to rest... thanks a million $ Jeff... so it was published that way... aha
      > Next question to all... is there any repository of scanned images of the original strand anywhere at all ?
      > I have always hoped that the Sherlockians of the earlier generations have tried collecting the originals.... for the future generations....
      > cheers
      > P.S : Jeff : who is Newnes ?

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