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2770RE: [sherlock holmes society of india] Questions on the Canon

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  • Tim Symonds
    Jun 12, 2009
      Sherlockians reading about Joseph Stangerson might like to know that Holmes
      wrote 'A Study In Scarlet' without at that time ever having visited America
      - he read up on America in the Encyclopaedia Britannica and from newspaper
      articles. The name 'Stangerson' seems to have been an adaptation from the
      real-life case of the disappearance of a German baker named Urban Napoleon
      Stanger on 12 November 1881 in the East End of London.


      Tim Symonds


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      Subject: [sherlock holmes society of india] Questions on the Canon

      Hi Sherlockians,

      To get to know Sherlock Holmes better, i would like members to ask questions
      on the Canon. So here goes

      "What was the book that was found on Joseph Stangerson's person when his
      dead body was discovered ?"


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