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3227Re: I did not like the Guy Richie version of Sherlock Holmes

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    Oct 30, 2011
      Mihir Lochan's opinion about Guy Richie's Holmes , is so right .
      The entire movie gives the impression of being a video-game , only with
      human actors !
      I will certainly NOT watch SH-2 ( Guy Richie again ) which threatens to
      be released shortly.
      As to , who is the better Holmes , Basil Rathbone , Jeremy Brett ,Peter
      Cushing ,or one the many actors who have played the Master ; that is a
      matter of personal choice and opinion .
      On the subject of actors who have played Holmes , I would draw the
      attention of my Sherlockian friends to Vasily Livanov , and his
      commendable portrayal of Holmes in the Russian version .
      Look him up on Wikipidea , as well as
      Kumar Bhatia

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