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3366A Study in Pink... Binomial Theorem ... Prof Moriarty

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  • Sundip Gorai
    Feb 10, 2012
      After lot of good reviews, finally got around to see the BBC series
      "Sherlock" - the first episode - 'A Study in Pink.'

      I won't kill the drama for those who haven't seen it, but for those
      who have, do ponder on this - this could be mere coincidence but it
      just crossed my mind - did the writer actually think of this -
      :)....do ponder...

      ...on these three seemingly unrelated statements:-

      a> A school level binomial problem from our "basic probability"
      course - if you flip a coin four times,what is the chance of getting
      a 'head' on the fourth flip?
      b> What is the chance of choosing a poison pill from a set of two
      pills (one of which is poisonous) not before the fourth drawing
      (of-course, each time pills are replaced before drawing)
      c> Who wrote 'The Theory of Binomial Theorems' ? Prof Moriarty

      Here is the intro shot from ' The Study in Pink ' in which Holmes
      meets Watson (very similar to the first chapter of ' The Study in


      Sundip Gorai