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  • Johnny Bravo
    Feb 22, 2013
      Hello to the group,

      Yes I'm guilty of failing to post often on this group... assure you all of being more active in the future...

      Recently got hold of the copy of the "Benedict Cumberbatch" Holmes... was in awe watching it... few friends came home over the weekend while i was watching and some of them left after a couple of beers looking at me so engrossed in the series...

      Engrossing for any aficionado I'm sure... the amount of detail the production has gone into is enormous... it is a fantastic tribute to the character. After the Jeremy Bret / John Hawkesworth  series, this is the best video of sherlock holmes that i have seen.


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      Sent: Friday, February 22, 2013 12:48 AM
      Subject: RE: SHSI Missing Members

      Call in Sherlock Holmes to track where they've gone!

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      Subject: SHSI Missing Members


      dear Sherlockians ,
      When Sumal first started the Sherlock Holmes Society of India , several
      members used to write-in regularly .
      Of late , very few members send in their "posts".
      I request Sumal to help solve the *" The Case of the missing SHSI members "*
      and entreat those of us , who seem to have " dropped out ", to return (
      from Tibet ? ) , and start sending messages again .
      Come on C Sridhar , its not enough for you to say " It's been ages since I
      wrote, though I try to read all mails of the SHSI." . Start Writing !
      Another 'old timer " who comes to mind is Mr. Pinaki Roy . Havent heard
      from You for a while , Pinaki .
      Kumar Bhatia

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