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3999Holmes, CSI and the curious case of a cat named Sherlock

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  • sajan venniyoor
    Jul 28, 2013
      According to Dr Ian Burney, a historian from the University of Manchester,
      the founding fathers of modern crime scene investigation (CSI) � Frenchman
      Edmond Locard and Austrian Hans Gross � were influenced by Arthur Conan
      Doyle and R Austen Freeman:

      *'Sherlock Homes inspired real life
      ... *and yeah, I'm pretty shocked too that Manchester University spells it
      'Homes'. Manchester United could do better.

      I recently came across an unusual (for him) post-modernist short story by
      the Malayalam writer and Jnanpith Award winner, MT Vasudevan Nair, titled '
      Sherlock <http://goo.gl/rXJhCQ>'. It's about a cat named 'Sherlock Holmes'
      (or Sherlock Holmes Shinde, to give its full name) that lives with a
      Keralite couple in the United States. The protagonist Balu, from an obscure
      village in Kerala, comes to stay with his older sister... and the cat. "The
      cultural shock Balu goes through in the story is concretised in the
      menacing metaphor of the cat which shadows his thoughts meticulously." In
      other words, Sherlock the cat spies on Balu.

      In this age of PRISM and mass surveillance, the political idea that Big
      Brother is watching us all
      <http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?211027> (and
      the cat is reporting to Central) is not so far-fetched. The ease with which
      the 'real' Sherlock Holmes broke into people's homes, donned false
      whiskers, and lurked in bushes on mere suspicion of wrong doing is a
      metaphor for our age.


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