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    Oct 29, 2013
      Hello, can I make a couple of suggestions?

      Perhaps Jay could approach Petr saying that there has been a deal of interest from SHSI members regarding obtaining a copy of the poster and to ask him if he would be willing to accept an amount on a 'per poster' basis from members.

      If he is agreable, perhaps Jay could upload the HQ image to a secure, password protected album on an Indian digital photography site that produces posters (here in the UK there a several companies who print digital photographs as well as gifts etc. including posters).
      Interested members could send Jay a payment (cheque, Paypal or whatever) which includes a fee to Petr, the cost of printing and postage and perhaps even a small amount for SHSI? Jay could then order the poster which would then be sent directly from the printer to the member?

      This always assumes Jay has the time and would be willing to do this for members. It is asking a lot!

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