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4280Re: SHSI Proceedings of the Pondicherry Lodge - winter issue

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  • Jay Ganguly
    Dec 1, 2013
      Google Drive links:
      Hope that makes life easier for everyone!
      Jayantika Ganguly
      General Secretary & Editor
      Sherlock Holmes Society of India

      On , Jay Ganguly <ruling_jay@...> wrote:
      Coming on Google drive soon.
      Jayantika Ganguly
      General Secretary & Editor
      Sherlock Holmes Society of India

      On Monday, December 2, 2013 9:22 AM, "shsieditors@..." <shsieditors@...> wrote:
      Hello! No, no, all issues are free, and will continue to be. I'll put up the link for the first one again; but it can be accessed on the website - archives: June 1, 2013. I'll put up both on Google Drive as well.

      Binand - what other options do we have for distribution? I've also had an invective-filled email from a cantankerous "critic" in the morning - apparently it took him half a day to download it from the blog and it came with a dozen automatic downloads and what I assume were cookies; he calls it "monkey-dung". My download from the link doesn't take more than 15 seconds - and I've told him as much and sent him the PDF. But I'll forward the mail to you and Sumalji.

      Print copies: lovely idea and I'm all for it - but well, (a) it would need to be designed/formatted very differently, I think - for binding etc, as well as the pagination - and we'll probably need to hire professionals for that; (b) we'd need to find a printing/press publisher for it with a distribution system as well; and (c) we'd need an advance subscription from a significant number of people for the paper print costs to be feasible. Right? Can anyone help out with logistics and data?

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      Subject: Re: SHSI Proceedings of the Pondicherry Lodge - winter issue

      Dear Sherlockians,

      I would like to whole-heartedly congratulate all the members of SHSI who have lovingly laboured to produce such a beautiful issue of "Proceedings of the Pondicherry Lodge". I am especially indebted to the editor and other moderators who have made this issue downloadable as a PDF file, that would allow Luddites like me to take a print-out and store it for posterity. However, the 1st issue of the journal seems to have missed out that treatment (unless I have to pay something to Scribd it seems). Can the board help us by making it available in PDF format as well? This journal appears to be a brilliant (in terms of certain parameters, much better) successor of several still-born magazines that had been conceived during the 'Save the Undershaw' campaign and the few years preceding it, and I am sure that many members would feel especially proud to have, in their possession, tangible copies of every issue.

      With regards,

      Riju Ganguly

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