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4374The Holmes Sutra

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  • riju_cs
    2 Jan 6:29 pm
      Dear Holmesians/Sherlockians,

      I have received the above-mentioned book yesterday, courtesy Flipkart. A proper review would be up at Goodreads later, but I thought that at least the first impressions should be shared with you, and hence this mail.

      It's a beautiful book: slim, stylish, eye-friendly and ornate. It is chock full of interesting observations made by Holmes from time-to-time, backed up by further observations from the canon, and the BBC "Sherlock" (which has developed such a cult following that very soon the scripts of the shows might get transcribed into a "new canon"). And, it's an essential read for anyone who likes to read adventures involving the Great Detective. Highly Recommended.

      My only lamentation remain that the copy didn't come with any inscription or signature of the author.

      Happy New Year, and it ought to begin with this book.

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