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    14 Jan 12:10 am
      Good morning Sherlockians from a wet and windy Brittany! I have to say that I agree with Noufal and Sumal. Whilst the original Canon is our touchstone, developments from this should not be neglected as they give us another view of Holmes. We are always learning, I am probably the one learning most of all from this group as I wonder at the incredible knowledge of the members and their insights.

      To ignore new works and new interpretations prevents us from expanding our own viewpoint, our own thinking. To be able to discuss, compare and contrast can only be a benefit and further our appreciation and knowledge of the genius that was ACD and his wonderful creation. To study the Canon will always produce discussion which I applaud and value but please do not be blinkered. We all treasure the legacy of ACD but there is room, to use a modern phrase, to push the envelope and explore the boundaries of his thinking in new ways.

      Kind regards,


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      Dear Holmesians,

      Whilst I agree that the Canon should be the Bible for a dedicated Holmesian, I do not see anything grossly  wrong in these adaptations since they are able to reach out to a newer generation. As things stand, reading habit and attention spans have declined in each successive generation.If anything,the new adaptations can draw a few youngsters to the world of 221B.


      Sumal S

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