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    14 Jan 11:53 am
      I think the young lady was confused and was referring to another portrayal of Holmes by Robert Downey Jr. as shown below. Oh, come on, we have all been there, you wake up naked and the keys to the handcuffs are a tad out of reach! *:"> blushing ....I am teasing, honestly!

      We have to accept that the portrayal of Sherlock Holmes appeals to a very broad spectrum of people and at different levels. There is a vast spectrum of folk interested in Holmes ranging from eminent scholars to young girls who admire him for much baser reasons. We don't have to agree with everyone's opinion or perception, what a dull place the world would be if we did. I am 64 years old, I enjoy all things Holmesian, both the Canon and the new generation of high tech sleuthing. Let us celebrate  the diversity and appreciate him in our own way. Enjoy!


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      Erm...may be she got it a bit mixed up with some other role played by Benedict Cumberbatch? "Sexy geek" - agreed. But when on earth did the rest happen?? Not to my knowledge.

      But really, just because Benedict Cumberbatch is an international phenomenon right now - it doesn't take away the fact that he is the perfect modern Sherlock and plays the role beautifully. I'd even say that he is the best Sherlock of all time - but that's my personal opinion; I'm aware many others considered Jeremy Brett or Basil Rathbone the best.

      What was interesting, though, that several "biggies" of the Sherlockian/Holmesian world I recently met - also consider Benedict Cumberbatch to be the best Sherlock Holmes manifestation. I was quite pleasantly surprised.

      So yes, Benedict Cumberbatch gathers fangirls all over the world and may be some part of his fangirling crowd have no clue about Sherlock Holmes - but there is a rather large intersection of true Sherlockians who adore Benedict Cumberbatch and his Sherlock - and these are not always young women, but people of all ages.
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      On Tuesday, January 14, 2014 5:26 PM, Rajit Roy <roy_rajit@...> wrote:

      I remember asking a girl if she knew who Sherlock Holmes was. " Yeah, that sexy geek guy who kisses a crazy girl and finds himself naked in bed." , she replied.

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