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4556Re: SHSI Re: Sherlock comes to Bollywood this April

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  • SHSI Editors Jay
    Mar 21, 2014
      Ah, well, that was the gut reaction.

      The trailer has an apparently major character PYT (with a staggering amount of screen time in the trailer), and "Samrat" carrying her bridal style. There's ‎an item song. There is CD, presumably the assistant/sidekick, who has no dialogue in the trailer except "koi case utha kyun nahi lete" or something like that. (translation: why don't you pick up a case)

      ‎Then there's the mind palace rip-off graphics, which should be cool, at least.

      Mr Khandelwal is certainly good-looking, but I still can't see how he's a look-alike of Mr Cumberbatch - or why he even should be, for that matter. And he doesn't sound right. All the good Sherlocks sound right. All the good detectives sound right.

      In hindsight, given I consistently watch every single Himesh Reshamiya movie that comes out, what's the worst they could do with Sherlock?

      "CD, smart criminal wo nahi hota jo koi surag na chodde - smart criminal wo hota hai jo surag to chodde, magar gumraah karne ke liye." (translation: CD, a smart criminal isn't one that doesn't leave clues - a smart criminal is the one that leaves clues, but for misdirection)

      Which reminds me - The Sign of Four adaptation I was nattering about in the morning - might have been called Gumraah rather than Gumshuda. Or something like that. Anyone knows?

      If there are errors in the quotes, I'm sorry; I've only seen it once. Must see again!


      P.S. Interesting(?) and useless bit of trivia - in Thai mythology, Hanuman is rather Casanova-ish.

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      Thoughts? I'm trying very hard to hold onto my dinner at the moment.

      One hopes that it follows some of The Great Detective's methods!

      Indian cinema has matured beyond masala--but they can't get beyond the song and dance routine.

      Case in point--I was watching a Kannada movie on a historic character some time ago. This character in real life never had a love interest, just like Holmes. But the movie showed him prancing around with a PYT. Noticing this, a friend said that Indian directors will get Hanuman married just to feature a romantic song!


      PS: Note to our non-Indian members--Hanuman is a bachelor God from the Ramayana.

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