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4564Re: SHSI !! The humbleness of Sherlock Holmes !!

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  • Philip K. Jones
    Mar 26, 2014
      My dear Sir:
      I am sorry that I must disagree with you in this matter.  Footnote #6 in my article, "The Untold Tales - Identified" sums up my objection to this identification:  I quote it below:

      Again, the chronology is confused.  Most experts date FIVE in March 1888, after SCAN, but Watson states it was in September of 1887, so “…once by a woman…” cannot be SCAN, which occurred at earliest in March of 1888.


      I have been very careful, but I have not yet been able to identify any of the four instances noted to which I have assigned the codes, "BTN1," "BTN2," "BTN3" and "BTNW."  None of the 10,000 and more items listed in my database have been assigned these codes as fulfilling the criteria of "Hlolmes having been beaten" and as having occurred before the events in "The Five Orange Pips."


      I am open to suggestions for tales that tell these stories.


      Submitted respectfully:


      Philip K. Jones
      An Ill-dressed Vagabond

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      From: Rajit Roy
      Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 1:59 PM
      Subject: SHSI !! The humbleness of Sherlock Holmes !!


      In the 'Five Orange Pips', Holmes says that he had been beaten four times, once by a woman and three times by men. The woman is, of course, Irene Adler. Who were the three men? Still puzzling my mind on this.

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