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4748Report on the 2nd Annual Meet of the Sherlock Holmes Society of India

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  • sumalsn
    Aug 28, 2014
      Dear Holmesians,

      As you are all well aware, the 2nd Annual meet of the Sherlock Holmes Society of India was slotted for 24 Aug 2014, being the 4th Sunday of August as per tradition. It was decided in the 1st Annual Meet held at Mumbai that the 2nd Meet would be held at Delhi. SHSI had requested members to confirm their attendance by 20 Aug 2014 . We had received confirmation from 07 members. Since the number of confirmations were less,it was decided that booking a hall for the Annual Meet would be an overkill. Therefore, it was decided that the Meet could be conducted in a SHSI Member's residence.Accordingly, the venue was decided to be DB-101, Hudco Transit Flats, Andrews Ganj, New Delhi.

      The Annual Meet was to start from 1100 hrs. Dr Raj Ayyer was the first to reach the venue,followed by Ms. Prajakta Hebbar and  Shri. Satyajit Gupta. Shri Sajan Venniyoor joined us a little later. Dr Veena Ravi Kumar and Ms. Reethira Kumar reached there by 1140 hrs. Ms. Jayantika Ganguly, Secretary of SHSI, who had flown down from Kolkatta joined the party , making the list of attendees complete.She had also thoughtfully prepared brochures for the meet, in addition to the banner which was beautifully designed by her.

      The annual Meet was kicked off by a short speech( I think it was short) by me, bringing out the achievements of the Society in the past one year. We had two of our members publishing Pastiches- "Sherlock Holmes in Japan" by Shri Vasudev Murthy and the " Holmes Sutra" by Ms.Jayantika Ganguly. The members were requested to keep the spirit of the Canon alive and help the Society to grow in popularity.

       Felicitation Messages received from various Sherlockian Societies were read out. The List of Sherlockian Societies along with their messages will put out in a separate post . A research paper by Shri Kumar Bhatia, Chief Patron of SHSI titled " A study in Friendship" on the friendship between Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson was read out, which was well received by all members.

      Since it was almost 1330 hrs, the members had lunch. Subsequently, we had discussed the future activities of the Society and the location for the next Annual meet. Members suggested formation of a registered Society to further enhance the functioning of SHSI. It was a lively discussion wherein many good ideas emerged.

      It was decided that ways and means were to be found out to establish a source of funding for the SHSI. The debate as to whether a subscription Model  or voluntary donations by members would serve the Society well, remained  inconclusive. Members from Delhi had expressed a desire to have a Chapter meet of SHSI somewhere in Nov/Dec 14, when the weather would be better.

      After tea  at around 1600 hrs, members dispersed due to prior commitments.


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