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4754Re: SHSI Re:: Report on the 2nd Annual Meet of the Sherlock Holmes Society of India

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  • Jay Ganguly
    Aug 28, 2014
      22 August 2015, Kolkata, my living room - Sumalji is right; we cannot afford another debacle like Mumbai. I'm fairly close to the airport, so if any member doesn't want to stay back in Kolkata, you can fly in and fly out the same day easily. If we end up with more members than my living room can handle, Novotel is just across the street (it opens next month) and Novotels usually do a mean Sunday brunch. Or there's Pride, which is even closer.

      To the members looking to stay longer in Kolkata, there is a bit of good news - the lovely people at Calcutta Explorers are in the process of working out a "Detective Walk" for Kolkata - we could do that on Saturday (21 August 2015).

      And if you're a foodie, I'm always happy to take you on a sort of "food tour"...just keep a lot of empty space in your tummies.
      Cheers for the Year of Sherlock,

      Jayantika Ganguly
      General Secretary and Editor, Sherlock Holmes Society of India
      Member, Sherlock Holmes Society of London
      Member, Ceska spolecnost Sherlocka Holmese
      Author, "The Holmes Sutra", MX Publishing, 2014 

      On Friday, August 29, 2014 8:55 AM, sumalsn <no_reply@...> wrote:

      Dear Raviji and Holmesians,
       Point well made and taken.We will try and firm up the venue at the earliest. As you are no doubt aware, we have the Annual Meet on the 4th Sunday of August every year, which means next year, it falls on  22 Aug 2015.

      As of now, Kolkotta  is hosting the event. The location of the meet is decided only after a firm confirmation of the attendees is received. Since if the attendance is on the higher side (i.e. 20 +) , we may go in for a banquet hall etc. However, if it is less, we have to make do with some member volunteering  to hold it in his premises, keeping in view, the financial aspects.

      We can be open to the idea of Bangalore as well, provided a member agrees to arrange for the location of the meet.

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