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    Aug 31, 2014
      Hi Ron ,
      Havent seen " Young Sherlock " . Will watch it , perhaps out of curiosity .
      But one movie I really recommend is 
      Its a 1977 british telefilm ; a spoof , set in in the Cold War era .
      A really  funny rendition .
       John Cleese , a talented british comedian plays Holmes .
      But the best part of the movie is ( another great British comedian ) Arthur Lowe's portrayal of Dr. Watson .
      The ever so loyal , bumbling confidante . Brilliant acting , 
      I would go so far as to say that Arthur Lowe is the best ,screen Watson .
      And the ending of the movie is pretty remarkable too ! 
      Do see the movie . 
      Kumar Bhatia. 
      Your friend in Dubai 

      On Sunday, 31 August 2014, Ron Lies relies1@... [SherlockHolmesSocietyofIndia] <SherlockHolmesSocietyofIndia@...> wrote:

      Kumar, thanks for the information about this. How did you like the original  Movie? I felt a better name or it should  have been Indiana Jones meets Moriarty. I did like the movie and purchased a copy for my collection but I also pull it out and watch it from time to time. I think one reason that the movie had the first use of optical effects that I had ever seen on film. The Knight jumping out of the picture. The food attacking the first victim In the dining room. The pyramid  in the slums of London. Symbols of things to come in film. Write when you can.
      Take care, Ron

      On 8/29/2014 10:07 AM, KUMAR BHATIA kumarbhatiashsi@... [SherlockHolmesSocietyofIndia] wrote:


      Interesting bit of news , seen on Empire-on-line website 

      Kumar Bhatia 

      Exclusive: Nicholas Rowe To Cameo In Mr Holmes 
      Young Sherlock will appear 'alongside' Ian McKellen's Old Sherlock

      21 August 2014  |  Written by Ali Plumb  |  Source: Exclusive

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      When die-hard Sherlockians - or Holmesians, depending on your taste - hear the name Nicholas Rowe, they're bound to think of the Scottish actor's turn as the young Sherlock Holmes inYoung Sherlock Holmes, the 1985 movie directed by Barry Levinson and written by Christopher Columbus. Most thought his days as Holmes ended then when he was 19, but thanks to an ingenious cameo in next year's Mr Holmes, he will return as the great consulting detective at the age of 47... in a rather wonderful fashion.

      The story of Mr Holmes, which director Bill Condon adapted with Jeffrey Hatcher from Mitch Cullin's novel A Slight Trick Of The Mind, takes place in 1947 when Holmes is 93, long retired to his Sussex beekeeping and frustrated by his diminishing power of recollection. Within this world, Holmes is as famous as you'd expect, and has had movies made of his life. It's in one of these films, as watched inMr Holmes by Ian McKellen's character, that Nicholas Rowe will appear as Sherlock Holmes. Fictionally. Within a fiction. About a fictional character's life.

      "I loved playing Sherlock as a young man," Rowe exclusively tells Empire. "The character has been played by so many different and distinctive actors over the decades and clearly his stock is still high and the genre rich. Bill Condon asked me if I'd play the part of Sherlock on screen (what we are calling 'Matinee Sherlock'*) and I absolutely loved the script and enjoyed talking to Bill about my small part within it and had no doubt that I wanted to be in the film. It's been great fun to do and I'm in very good company."

      If you can wrap your head around that, not only are you a veritable member of The Baker Street Irregulars, but a logician worthy of great praise. For more information on the cast of the film, and the mysteries are contained within, take a look at this news story here, and rest your eyes on the heavily made-up face of Ian McKellen as the eponymous Mr Holmes.