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    Oct 26, 2014
      Hi, thanks for that Sumalsn, that is something I certainly didn't know.

      Just for info. the BBC are showing the first series of Sherlock again on Saturday nights in the UK. The first episode was shown last night 'A Study in Pink. If you can't see it live on the BBC where you are, see if you can download a free Android app called 'Live Now!TV' from Google Play. With that you can see loads of TV programs via the internet including the BBC. It has this logo on the Google Play site ...


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      Dear Richard and Holmesians,
      Doctors in RAMC were classified as Combatants and there have been 27 Victoria Crosses and two bars awarded to army medical personnel over the years. Similarly, the members of  Army Medical corps( India) have been awarded for gallantry in war , most recently even in 2010.

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