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  • Dr. Nishant Kumar
    13 Jan 9:20 am

      Mr Jones,
      Thanks for supporting my idea and at the same time enumerating the problems associated with it. A hard copy doesnt neccessarily mean the end of e version. The e version stays. As for the space and collector issue, i think every household finds itself in the same predicament, me included.
      But leafing through seasoned pages of a cherished book provides a pleasure that is unparalleled.
      The postage costs in india can be minimised tahnks to india post. Much slower but reliable and a great outreach. I on the otherhand have absolutely no idea about the international shipping.
      What I have suggested is an annual membership and the costs can be regulated every year.
      Also if you pay for something, you take an active interest. Otherwise you end up being a sleeping member which I am ashamed to admit being the case with me too.
      Anyways it is just a suggestion which might be considered by the.more active members of the society and i shall be willing to put in my bit.
      Dr Nishant Kumar

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      From:"'Philip K Jones' pkenj@... [SherlockHolmesSocietyofIndia]" <SherlockHolmesSocietyofIndia@...>
      Date:Tue, 13 Jan, 2015 at 22:14
      Subject:RE: SHSI Print version of proceedings....


      My friends:

      Dr. Kumar's suggestion has a great deal of merit. It also carries along
      several problems with that merit.

      The first problem is that of mailing costs. In the United States, where I
      live, numerous clubs and hobby organizations are falling victim to rising
      postal rates. For an internationally connected organization, these rates,
      across National borders, will pose even more of a problem as snail mail
      rates will continue to grow in the years to come due to increasing
      competition by electronic communications.

      The next problem is that of personal preference. For myself, I have no use
      for Kindle and other forms of electronic media storage and I prefer to rely
      on plain old hard copy reading materials. On the other hand, my wife is
      threatening to throw out my immense collection of paper books and magazines
      along with their collector. Storage space and personal preference as well
      as family pressure will all play a part in an individual's preferences for
      format types.

      The third problem is one of costs. I know that my friend, Steve Doyle, has
      concerns about publishing costs for the Baker Street Journal, and is working
      actively to reduce costs and to avoid raising subscription prices. The
      same is true for Roger Johnson at the Sherlock Holmes Journal as well as for
      many other publishers.

      The best solution I have seen to this group of problems has been produced by
      Peter Blau, who publishes the Monthly, "Scuttlebits and Bytes." His
      practice is to publish his monthly in electronic format and to distribute it
      via E-Mail to all who wish to receive it. If anyone wishes to receive hard
      copy, they must agree to pay, in advance, an appropriate fee that includes
      mailing cost to their address. This allows Peter to keep his format simple,
      without complex and expensive graphics, for most issues. It also allows him
      to lay on artistry as he wishes when it is warranted. In any case, the
      subscription cost of a set fee plus mailing costs prevents his losing
      significant money to publish a labor of love.

      Once enunciated, this procedure seems irresistible. It provides readers who
      wish hardcopy with an appropriate paper version at no additional cost to the
      publishers. It provides all interested parties with access to the contents
      at no cost and, finally, it places the lowest possible workload on the
      volunteers who do the real work involved in publication.

      I suggest that the SHSI give serious thought to making a hard-copy version
      of the semi-annual journal available, after payment in advance, to those who
      wish to receive one. The fee for a hard-copy version should vary from
      subscriber to subscriber to reflect the dual costs of physical publication
      and mailing required to send the requested copies.

      Submitted respectfully:

      Philip K. Jones

      An Ill-dressed Vagabond


      From: SherlockHolmesSocietyofIndia@...
      Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 6:26 AM
      To: sherlockholmessocietyofindia@...
      Subject: SHSI Print version of proceedings....

      Hi, I feel it os high time we start an annual fee for members of the society
      and bring out the journal in print. The literary talent we have is unmatched
      and can easily give BSI and SHJ a run for their money.
      Dr. Nishant Kumar

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