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4915Hollywood Wakes Up To Bollywood Plagiarism

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  • Tim Symonds
    Jun 13, 2015
      FYI -

      Hollywood Wakes Up To Bollywood Plagiarism



      "If you hide the source, you're a genius. . . . There's no such thing as originality in the creative sphere."

      Director Mahesh Bhatt , Cloning Hollywood, Kanchana Banerjee, Sunday, Aug 03, 2003, The Hindu.

      It took a long time for Hollywood to wake up to the blatant, unmonitored and unlicensed copying of their movies by the Indian film makers and the convenient passing off them as "inspirations" to avoid giving credit to the original filmmakers. The Indian film industry is a dominant cultural force in its own right that possesses considerable influence in the Indian subcontinent despite the prevalence of the economically and commercially stronger Hollywood and its monopolization over movie audiences around the world. However, rampant plagiarism and unauthorized replication of foreign scripts, has been a long-standing practice hampering the reputation of the Indian motion picture industry as a major creative source of originality. The interesting point in law today is that copying or adaptation, known in US as derivation, from a Hollywood movie to a Bollywood movie is protected by both Indian and US copyright laws and permission will be required from Hollywood movie rights owners to do that. However, use of an idea (as opposed to its expression or manifestation) is permitted under the law in both countries.

      - See more at: http://newjurist.com/hollywood-wakes-up-to-bollywood-plagiarism.html#sthash.Lml3dafu.dpuf