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5038missing monograph by Holmes on "modern photographic capture of crime scene details"

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  • chimp4liberty
    Apr 24, 2016

      Dear Fellow Members,

        It has been some time since my last contribution. Previously using the alias "James 27 Word",

      I have found difficulties in retaining yahoo mail exchanges and general communication. Thus 

      I have opened a new mail address with the name... chimp4liberty. aka bongo the circus chimp

      Prior to this, I had asked about the official society latin motto.

      I also questioned an award ranking, if any.

      I am now very curious, if anyone else has experience and/or interest in film photography. In particular to the photo developements in the 1890's.   TLR cameras using monochrome 120 film, darkroom skills and chemistry skills necessary for BW print, etc. 

      Co-incidentally the first "motion-pictures" aka nickleodeons. Possibly invented by Moriarty?

      I am and remain.....

      A loyal and staunch member of this esteemed society,


      Bongo the Circus Chimp