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5045RE: SHSI Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot!

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  • Philip K Jones
    Apr 26, 2016

      My friends:


      Some years ago I finally figured out why I prefer Sherlockian tales to those involving Poirot.  This may be of interest in this discussion, so I pass it along for what it is worth (NOTHING!  No charge!).


      After considering that question and coming upon an insight, I re-read the Agatha Christie books I had in my Library, to confirm that insight and they completely supported my flash of intuition.  I do NOT LIKE ANY of the characters in any books by Agatha Christie.  Many show interesting or admirable qualities from time to time, but NONE are persons I would wish to meet.  To my mind, that sums up my reaction to all of Ms. Christie's writing.  It may be interesting and gripping, but I can feel NO personal involvement with her characters nor any desire to interact with or to care about them.


      I hope this prompts comment.




      Philip K. Jones

      An Illdressed Vagabond




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      Dear Holmesians,

      Why is Sherlock Holmes more popular than Hercule Poirot still?Is it due to the first mover advantage?

      Sherlock Holmes appeared in 1887 whereas Hercule Poirot was around only by 1920.

      Was the quality of the Canon superior to Agatha Christie's works?

      Can members come out with their reasons for this phenomenon?



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