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  • Tim Symonds
    Apr 28, 2016


      A recent post brought up the discussion of a SHSI specialist bookshop located in, say, Delhi (and perhaps expanding elsewhere). I had an email from Steve Emecz, the MX Publisher, to say he licences two publishers in India and he's certain they would be very happy about any such endeavour.  The aim would, I presume, to make the shop a centre for people to drop in and chat, i.e. a cafĂ© would be a valuable part of any such operation, and possibly access to a suitable room to show the occasional old film. I'm no expert on small businesses but I'd assume the creation of the physical aspect - shop/location/stock etc needs to be accompanied by a decent 5-year plan which a bank would consider practical.  It would be good to publicise the shop's existence among the parts of Indian society who would be likely readers, including students, but I'd assume a large floating population of internationals would be in Delhi's hotels at any given time and would appreciate such escapist reading.






      Ps. my own next Sherlock Holmes novel (my fifth) is progressing. It's set in Peking in the last years of the tottering Qing Dynasty. Britain needs the Celestial Empire to hang on for a couple more years but there is rumour of a plot to assassinate a ruler and cause a civil war which could end the Dynasty. Who is the target of the plot - the formidable but reactionary Empress Dowager, or the young progressive Emperor?  Even Holmes is in two minds at the start while Watson doesn't think there's a plot at all.




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      Dear Balaji saab and Tim Symonds sir,

      I shall quote from the Gloria Scott ," Trevor was the only man I knew, and that only through the accident of his bull terrier freezing on to my ankle one morning as I went down to chapel".

      Why would a man who is a social recluse in college go to a chapel? I suppose only if he is a believer.

      I would say this indicates that the young  Sherlock Holmes was a believer in college who might have become an agnostic or atheist much later. His belief would be largely due to his upbringing.


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