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  • Deepak Mehta
    May 7, 2016
      Mr. Harsha Wardhan, vwey well put

      Deepak K Mehta

      On Saturday, 7 May 2016 8:43 AM, "harsha_wardhan@... [SherlockHolmesSocietyofIndia]" <SherlockHolmesSocietyofIndia@...> wrote:

      Chiming in late with my thoughts on SH and HP and their relative popularity

      Sherlock Holmes is more popular than Hercule Poirot because Holmes is more interesting than Poirot. Simple.

      1. Sherlock is young and energetic - we see his career growth in real time, as it were; Poirot is a retired old man and exclusively psychological in his approach

      2. There's always a possibility that Sherlock may abandon his bachelor status and fall in love with a woman, Poirot has ruled himself out of the romance game - he calls himself "papa poirot"

      3. Sherlock engages in multifarious adventures of all types; Poirot deals exclusively with murder in a social, almost claustrophobic setting.

      4. Sherlock has a fawning chronicler who serves as a mirror on to which his better qualities project powerfully, and by proxy, on to us; Poirot, except for a lackadaisical Capt Hastings in a few episodes, needs the narrator to elevate him - a rather tawdry task, given that the narrator has to give proportionate space to all characters

      5.   Sherlock shocks with his eccentric, bohemian and abrasive personality; Poirot is uniformly polite to the point of excessiveness

      6. Sherlock has superhuman talents and abilities that spring when the situation demands, we have no advance warning that he is an expert in "baritsu" or has written a monograph on some obscure subject or was that disguised bookkeeper till after the fact; Poirot has no talents other than extensive police experience and conversational interrogation

      7. Sherlock has foibles that somehow endear him to us - he takes drugs not because he's a junkie, but because his mind can't cope with slowness/boredom, he doesn't care about his appearances - he is a man-child in his slovenliness and housekeeping. Poirot is very finicky and fussy about neatness to the point of vanity

      8. Sherlock has a hidden criminal streak, he is pals with criminal informers, he enjoys burgling; Piorot is always the policeman

      9. Sherlock has an extensive network of friends- his own brother is a mighty important G man; Poirot is a single operator, often found accepting invitations from old ladies to some party (where a murder occurs....)

      10. Sherlock has a powerful antagonist who's his equal, a Joker to his Batman; Poirot unfailingly dispatches his villain to jail at the end of each book  

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