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5085Fwd: The Mystery of the Scarlet Homes of Sherlock

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    Jun 2, 2016

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      From: Prof. Krevolin <rich@...>
      Date: Sunday 22 May 2016
      Subject: The Mystery of the Scarlet Homes of Sherlock
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      Dear Sherlockians,

      I am forwarding this note to you on behalf of Dr. John Raffensperger. Any questions about its contents can be directed to him at: j-raffensperger@....

      Many thanks,

      Prof. Richard Krevolin

      Dear Fellow Sherlockians,


      As anyone who is a Doyleockian knows, the game was afoot long before Sherlock Holmes… 


      The young Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle had to have his own adventures and imagination to be able to create the world’s greatest detective, and I am delighted, as the lucky recent discoverer of his three lost diaries, to share some of these stories with Sherlockians and the world-at-large. The first of the three journals is set to be released by MX Publishing in London on the 157thanniversary of Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday—tomorrow, Sunday, May 22, 2016—under the title The Mystery of the Scarlet Homes of Sherlock.


      With my esteemed colleague, Professor Richard Krevolin, I have edited the diary for this publication, which describes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s experiences while a nineteen-year-old apprentice to Dr. Joseph Bell, the model for Sherlock Holmes, at the Edinburgh School of Medicine.  Journal entries include the duo’s travels to America and encounters with the likes of Robert Louis Stevenson, The Pinkerton Detective Agency, and others. You may also be interested to learn about stories such as the murder of a Tribune archivist with a Confederate bayonet and how Joseph Medill saved Arthur Conan Doyle from the clutches of the Chicago police. 


      For more details, or to purchase a copy of The Mystery of the Scarlet Homes of Sherlock, which is retailing for $14.95/£9.99, you can visit the publishing house directly, at:http://mxpublishing.com/product/9781780929682/The+Mystery+of+The+Scarlet+Homes+Of+Sherlock.


      If you would like to interview me about this gem of a discovery, I would be pleased to speak with you and can be reached at j-raffensperger@....


      In addition, Professor Krevolin has created a Facebook page in order to keep Sherlockians apprised of relevant information about this find and the upcoming release of the other two journals in the series. Anyone wanting to find out more is invited to “like” the page, at: https://www.facebook.com/LostDiariesofACD.


      I hope that the good fortune of my discovery brings you great pleasure, as well as fulfilling Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s wish, as stated in The Mystery of the Scarlet Homes of Sherlock, that his adventure stories written about in this journal may one day be told.


      John Raffensperger, MD
      Former Surgeon-in-Chief, Children's Memorial Hospital Professor of Surgery, [emeritus] Northwestern University

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