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5107Fwd: Petr Kopl's Sherlock Holmes - A Review

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  • Jay Ganguly
    Sep 2, 2016

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      I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

      'there was a paragraph in the Morning Post'

      - Charles Augustus Milverton

       Hi  here's your update from I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere, the definitive site and podcast for news and information about Sherlock Holmes in popular culture.

      Petr Kopl's Sherlock Holmes — A Review

      "...with the same feverish animation as before" [DYIN]

      Graphic novel and comic book adaptations of Sherlock Holmes often use canon as a departure point, crafting unique tales that create a properly Victorian atmosphere of high drama.

      Czech artist Petr Kopl's adaptations of "A Scandal In Bohemia" and The Hound of the Baskervilles (both translated by Paul and Jana Simpson and released by MX Publishing) are a rare breed of pastiche: integrating the Canon and other Victorian-era references...

      The game's afoot! (click here for more) »

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