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  • sumalsn
    19 May

      Dear Holmesians,

      H. Paul Jeffers wonderfully describes Inspector Lestrade in his book ," Pg 95-Bloody Business : An Anecdotal History of Scotland Yard"

      "He is the most famous detective ever to walk the corridors of Scotland Yard, yet he existed only in the fertile imagination of a writer. He was Inspector Lestrade. We do not know his first name, only his initial: G. Although he appears thirteen times in the immortal adventures of Sherlock Holmes, nothing is known of the life outside the Yard of the detective whom Dr. Watson described unflatteringly as sallow, rat-faced, and dark-eyed and whom Holmes saw as quick and energetic but wholly conventional, lacking in imagination, and normally out of his depth—the best of a bad lot who had reached the top in the CID by bulldog tenacity.

      Information courtesy: Wikipedia


      Sumal S

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