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  • I have arrived at the conclusion that your astute observation is completely accurate and quite irrefutable. I am also a bit surprised that this facet of the Canon was not visible to our community in past years. Well done.
    chimp4liberty 7 Aug
  • Dear Holmesians, MJ Trow wrote a series of seventeen books using Lestrade as the central character, beginning with " The Adventures of Inspector Lestrade " in 1985. Are there any members familiar with these books? Regards, Sumalsn
    sumalsn 21 May
  • Dear Holmesians, H. Paul Jeffers wonderfully describes Inspector Lestrade in his book ," Pg 95-Bloody Business : An Anecdotal History of Scotland Yard" " He is the most famous detective ever to walk the corridors of Scotland Yard, yet he existed only in the fertile imagination of a writer. He was Inspector Lestrade. We do not know his first name, only his initial: G. Although he...
    sumalsn 19 May
  • Dear Holmesians, On 27 Mar 1904 , Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was driving home from a day of playing golf with his brother, Innes, when he turned too quickly into his driveway and clipped a gatepost. The collision sent the car careening up a grassy bank inside the gate and it flipped over, trapping both him and his brother underneath. Amazingly, both men were left with nothing more than...
    sumalsn 16 May
  • Dear Holmesians, An article on Business Standard on Father Brown http://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/sherlock-holmes-exact-opposite-a-priest-detective-and-his-cases-column-bookends-117041600145_1.html Regards, Sumal S
    sumalsn 12 May
  • Dear Holmesians, You can access the works of EW Hornung at Project Gutenberg here http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/706 Regards, Sumal S
    sumalsn 9 May
  • Dear Holmesians, Father Brown is a Roman Catholic priest and amateur sleuth created in the early 20th century by GK Chesterton. He features in a series of 53 short stories where he solves mysteries and crimes using his intuition and keen understanding of human nature. You can read the entire series here- https://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/c/chesterton/gk/c52fb/ Regards, Sumal S
    sumalsn 8 May
  • Dear Holmesians, Our members are aware of the fact that we publish our journal, "The Proceedings of the Pondicherry Lodge",bi-annually. You are requested to send in your submissions to shsieditors@^$1 . The only criteria for acceptance of your entries is that your work should have something to do with Sherlock Holmes. An Indian connection to it would be most welcome. Regards...
    sumalsn 4 May
  • Dear Holmesians and Shri Noufal, I am posting the link on Youtube to the "Rivals of Sherlock Holmes" TV series Shri Noufal had mentioned. Please watch it. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=rivals+of+sherlock+holmes+youtube Regards, Sumal S
    sumalsn 4 May
  • Dear Holmesians, One of the interesting contemporary of Sherlock Holmes was the unnamed detective created by Baroness Orczy. The Old Man in the Corner is an unnamed armchair detective who appears in a series of short stories written by her. The Old Man in the Corner examines and solves crimes while sitting in the corner of a genteel London tea-room in conversation with a female...
    sumalsn 3 May