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1143I always recommend this group to known Himachalis...

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  • vengaboy_001
    May 11, 2003
      Hi Sarju,

      There are many good things about this group, but the one I want to
      mention categorically is, this is an Awakened Group. This 'awaken'
      word resembles the word used to eulogize Lord Buddha, but let me use
      this adjective once more for this group. One or the other is always
      active in this group contributing a lot in variety.

      Well Sarju, u talked about couple of books, but I can assure you
      about one named 'Autobiography of a Yogi - Yogananda Paramhansa',
      this is an excellent book. This book is part of the curriculam in a
      few universities abroad. Well, it doesn't exactly tell you about how
      to get rid of Maya (Material World), but these are experiences of a
      Yogi, who travelled extensively, met different kind of people
      including saints in Himalayas, Personalities Like Mahatma Gandhi etc.

      He has formed an organization called 'Yogoda Satsang Society' located
      in Ranchi, but the meditation centres are all around the globe. This
      organisation is actually spreading the teachings and practices of
      Yogananda Paramhansa. It is all about Yoga and Meditation, excellent
      stuff. You can be a member, if you are serious about this stuff,
      otherwise reading book is nothing but pleasures of intellect.

      Some other books I liked are (I am not sure about your taste):

      * You'll See It, When You Beleive it - Dr. Wayne Dyer
      * Your Sacred Self - Dr. Wayne Dyer
      * Walking on the Clouds - Thich Nath Hunh
      * Thus Spake Zarthrushtha (Fredrick Nitche)- Commentary by Bhagwan
      * Any Book of Bhagwan Rajneesh

      These are all not fiction kind.

      Take care,


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