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  • sarju5
    Jun 24, 2003
      Hi All ...

      wassup guys ? ....
      That was some cool info about the Gadar Khadan marriage neetika ...
      thanks a lot for enlightening us all .... and hey you don't have to
      wait for someone to initiate you into telling about your
      experiences ... sometimes people are just waiting for you to open
      up .... and I am pretty sure that everyone at SH had really great
      time going thru ur mails.

      Post some photos people ... neetika, tenzin, nitin ... post post
      post .. cmon guys

      hey neetika ... your shock from Shimla made me realize that
      sometimes when we miss some place ... we just start to build a rosy
      picture of it to remind us of the nice time we had over there (we
      also tend to add some facts overlooking the reality) ... and finally
      when we do go back there ... the reality is completely different
      (this is just a thought .. it may be 100% false in your case)

      it was sad to hear about the Pabbar river .....
      I don't know when are we going to learn that playing with nature can
      be dangerous .... development .. the things we do in the name of

      Anyways I wish everyone to have a wonderful week

      PS - If interested you can have a look at some new photos that I
      took at
      there are two albums
      Ottawa Summers - Posted June 14
      Ott Summers 2 - Posted June 23
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