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1383Re: Shimla - Newsletter Congrats Nitin

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  • sanjay versain
    Sep 14, 2003
      HI all,
      please excuse me for sharing something very personal,
      something i have kept to myself ever since i decided
      to live this virtual life (read net communcation). I
      am among those who who love to fiddle with technology,
      but here i have always been suspicious of internet (of
      our virtual existence). Just imagine, we are nearly
      160 of us in this group with no real sociologican
      compulson to bond, we have never met, but are still
      communication on a daily basis, as friends, or even
      more. And this time Nitin takes a final plunge and
      invites all of us to his marriage ceremony. I may not
      have congratulated Nitin on this as yet (with no real
      reason) but I would sertainly congratulate him on
      giving this social development a new direction. For
      the past few years we have been wandering through the
      virtual space without knowing about our identy but
      now, there's certainly a way out. I cangratulate u all
      on this achievement and pray that we may be able to
      eradicate vices like inequality that have inflicted
      humanity for milliniums.

      Now a favour:-

      I have decided to do an article on the same subject
      for my newspaper (Indian Express) and require some
      impute. Those of you who feel for the issue may answer
      the following questions and post them back to me:-

      1 Why did u decide to be part of this group.

      2 How do you relate to your web friends with
      respect to your real life friends.

      3 Does it eat away your vital time that could have
      been devoted to your immidiate social circle.

      4 What do you expect from an off-line gathering, if
      it ever materialises.

      5 Is it easier to have net-friends.

      6 How lasting do you think is this friendship.

      7 Do you think we are isolating ourselves into
      idiological groups through the net groups.

      Please also srite a few words about yourselves and you
      are also welcome to send your photograph with it.

      Sanjay Versain

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