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  • sanjay versain
    Apr 13, 2004
      For David...

      Homecoming still is a great feeling in the times of
      `The Global Soul', I hope you agree. I remember this
      book `The Global Soul by Pico Aiyer - an author with
      Indian parents, born in England, having spend most of
      his time in the US, and now staying in Japan. He says
      there is noting called a home for the global msoul, if
      there is - it's the new age airport. But I dissagree,
      and your mail supports my point of view. There is a
      home, one that is always calling you from within.
      Anyway, your Simla has over the time has become
      Shimla, and if in the pre-independence days it were
      the white rulers who made to the newspaper headlines,
      now we have their ghosts foing the same. I remember
      (being a journalist) several stories titles something
      like `Haunted houses in Shimla', or simpley `Imperial
      ghosts'. But besides the spirits, there are the living
      ghosts too in the city waiting for their time. But
      Shimla's saviour is certainly the globetrotter - the
      one who is looking for his roots, here and there
      (Shimla included), and that's what gives this town its
      new identity - it's the place from where the mighty
      Bitish once rules India. And it's true, the town makes
      you feel so.


      --- David Robert <canada_water04@...> wrote:
      > Hi Everyone ;
      > My name is David . I have been loking for Shimla
      > contact for some time and glad to find this group .
      > I live in Japan but am Canadian and have a business
      > here for about 15 yrs .
      > The reason for my interest in India and Shimla is
      > because my family lived in Shimla and other areas of
      > India till 1949 . I have never been to India but
      > look forward to coming some day .
      > I am mostly interested in the history of Shimla,
      > what goes on there now and anyone can contact me .
      > Till then
      > Regards to all
      > david
      > ---------------------------------
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