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1567Amazing Car Race Game Hidden In MS-Excel : you aware of tht ??

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  • Nitin Chauhan
    Apr 21, 2004
      Do u know that there is a fundoo Car racing
      game hidden in MS Excel?
      Such hidden games/videos inside a s/w are called
      'Easter Eggs' in S/W lingo -a feature kept by
      programmers as a mark of their expertise..
      Here is one such Easter Egg Its a car race
      in EXCEL...u will enjoy... This works for Office 2000.
      Just follow the steps below:
      1. Open Excel 2000
      2. Click on file menu
      3. Click on the choice "Save as Web Page"
      4. Click on the publish button
      5. In the viewing options check "Add
      interactivity with"
      6. Under "publish as" give a file name
      say "D:\test.htm" or "C:\test.htm" & Click publish
      7. open test.htm in Internet explorer
      8. In the embedded excel sheet go to 2000th row
      9. Select the entire row
      10. place the cursor in WC column by pressing
      tab again and again( the 2000th row should
      remain selected)
      11. keep pressing alt+ctrl+shift and click on the icon
      in the upper left of the excel sheet.

      U will see amazing video game of cars !!!!!!!

      Note :- You can actually play the game using the arrow
      keys..!! and press 'h' or spacebar for other features
      of the car like bullets...etc. The names u see on the
      road of this game, seems to be the names of team
      members involved in developing/testing this s/w.

      Have Fun...
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